being a d r e a m e r

This post today is geared toward those who’ve been called by God for a specific purpose. Whether you’re a PK, young minister, or seemingly insignificant young person with a dream, this is for you.

When someone says dreamer, one of the first things I think of is Joseph. We’ve all heard the story– a young man, who happens to be his father’s favorite, has a dream. That dream takes him from his father’s house, to slavery, to prison, and finally to royalty where his dream is fulfilled.

Cool story, right?

Of course it is! It’s an amazing story, actually. And I’ve heard it at least a million times. But, today, as I read through it once more, I saw it from a slightly different angle.

Joseph was distinct from his brothers, unique from the rest of the crowd. His life seemed pretty plush, being the favorite, the one with that colorful coat.

…but I have a feeling it wasn’t always as it seemed. You see, he was incapable of blending, of just being normal. He was marked as special and different than everyone else. Never did he fit in quite right, always was he pushed away and taunted for not being like the others.

And then he had a dream. A dream so big that it made his world seem small. Should he dare believe it’s real? But he knew with his whole being that it was. And he couldn’t deny it. So he told his brothers and father, overjoyed at the things God was going to bring to pass. Now that his purpose was known to him, it was tangible, driving him and consuming his everyday.

The hatred from his brothers only got worse. They singled him out to mock him, smearing the dream in his face. He was an outcast, the road he was walking becoming rapidly empty. Loneliness plagued him, and he questioned why it had to be like this. Why did he have to be the different one, the dreamer? And why could no one else feel these things? these things that he felt so very strongly? Why wasn’t his vision, calling, and purpose understood by anyone else but him?

Ohh, the heartache of the dreamer.

Every day is edged with questions and what-ifs and burdens that no one else can comprehend. Nights, in weeping and prayers, in staring at the ceiling, slowly crushed by both the weight and the wait.

The path of a dreamer will never be easy. Because dreams don’t come true overnight and won’t come true from simple whispers to a star.

The thing is, who you are right now isn’t capable of grasping that fulfilled vision. Your hands wont know what to do with all the loose pieces you didn’t know came with it. You have to change and become the person who is in that dream of yours. You aren’t already them. Who you are now has to be thoroughly burnt, then molded into an entirely different being. Then they are the one who will be ready to accept the dream when it finally becomes a reality.

And God knows that.

So, He keeps his eye on the dreamers until He’s ready and they’re ready. Then he pokes them, prodding them a little, before He begins breaking them down, piece by piece. He sends trials and hard days and ostracization. One hand destroys their comfort zone completely, while the other builds them a new one, this time in His perfect embrace.

It just might be the hardest thing you’ll ever go through. And if you let it, it could very well destroy you. Frustration will be a close enemy. Frustration at the knowledge that no one else is hurting like you, no one else even knows you’re hurting like you are, and no one else could understand the burden of the dream you carry.

Why? Why doesn’t anyone else feel it? Why can everyone else think of this specific thing and not break down in tears? Why does my dream have to be so big? Why did I have to be different? Why was I the chosen one?

The only answer is this: His plan is perfect. Even peppered by our humanly questions and our inability to understand the whys. Never is He wrong.

So, dreamer, make your dreams big and bold, and never lose faith in His plan, in obtaining that miracle. Dream as giant as you can and have confidence that He’ll fulfill every single dream He’s given you. ‘Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus!

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3 thoughts on “being a d r e a m e r

  1. Wow. I love this, my friend. This perfectly portrays the struggle of being a dreamer. I’m thankful for the calling, although it is so true that there are times when it is hard to carry the burden and wait. God is so faithful! Thank you for this reminder, amiga. 🙂

    As we heard at family camp this year: He is the Potter, I am the clay. Not my will, but His!

    Keep fighting the good fight; though the vision tarry, it shall not tarry. In due time, God will show you those things you long to see!

    Love you, my friend. 🙂 ❤

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  2. Thank you! It’s something that’s been on my heart, and I knew others needed to hear it. Because, the struggle is real! Especially for those in the ministry, as you know well. De nada, hermana!

    It’s so very true! I absolutely love the verses about potter and clay.

    Love you!♥️

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