Beauty for Ashes

I don’t typically share my poems with others, but I felt like sharing this one today. I wrote it right after Heritage 2017; it was inspired by the message preached by Elder Phil White on Friday night. That message will be one I never forget. It impacted me more than any other message I’ve heard. I am not saying it was the best, or even my favorite, out of the messages I’ve heard, I am saying it resonated within me more than any other message. That night was truly unforgettable. Those of you who were there know what I’m talking about.😏

Beauty for Ashes

I was nothing
Undeserving of Your mercy
Unworthy of Your attentions
Nowhere near qualified

You saw something more
A diamond in the rough
An unpolished piece of silver

You found me
Saw the worth deep inside
Extended your all-powerful hand
Gave me mercy; gave me grace

My will
Went up in flames
Slowly my flesh was burnt
Leaving me with a handful of ashes

Looking at
The gray mound in my palm
Tears running down my cheeks
I gave it all up
By placing it in Your outstretched hand

You accepted
The ashes of my life
Mixed them with a lump of clay
And put it on Your pottery wheel

Your hands
Smoothed the bumps
Shaping my old life into something usable; a vessel for You

The pressure
Was painful to bear
Trusting You was harder than I thought
But it was worth it all

You took my worthless ashes
Made them something priceless
Beauty formed by Your fingertips

My ashes
Are now usable
Forever will I be grateful
For You turning my ashes into beauty


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