it’s the little things

sharpies fresh notebook waking up to rain the sun on your face snow cones in the summer wrapping up with a cozy blanket new socks being the first one to use the spreadable butter freshly washed hair hand-dipped Dilly Bars hearing the birds pulling hot laundry out of the dryer road trips country drives perfectly […]

a.d.m.i.t. 2019

Wow, this year of ADMIT (Apostolics Developing Ministers In Training) was incredible. Mainly, the services–this year the PKs 12+ got to be a part of the minister’s sessions at night. I am SO thankful we had the opportunity to do this! There is no way I could describe the depth and uniqueness of the services, […]

starbucks fail

Just so y’all know, I’m probably going to be putting out some shorter and/or random posts, because life isn’t slowing down. And it takes everything I got just to focus on breathing. So, enjoy.😆 This happened the other day, and it cracked us up so much! They say: Madisson instead of Maddison, Kinzy instead of […]

heritage 2019 || part 3

heritage 2019 || part 1 + heritage 2019 || part 2 I really don’t have any pictures of the “in between.” So, I’m just going to jump straight into the end! haha (Do know that the services were amazing, as always. Bro. White’s message was fabulous.👌🏻But every single one was so good!) The lock-in was […]

heritage 2019 || part 2

heritage 2019 || part 1 + heritage 2019 || part 3 We typically get into Colorado Springs around supper time on Monday night. It’s super nice to be able to get settled in before the majority of the crowd gets there! Then we shop on Tuesday and Wednesday. I made the mistake of wearing new […]