christmas 2019

Ah! HOW IS CHRISTMAS 2019 OVER? Whoah. This year has flown by so quickly. And AH so much has happened! When I started 2019, I never would have believed you if you’d have told me all that was to happen. (Which means the same could happen for 2020!) But anyway, Christmas 2019 was fantastic! I […]

to texas we go

Heavens, life is a whirlwind lately. Those of you who know everything that’s happening right now know I’m speaking (typing?) the truth! haha But anyway, we went to Texas a few weeks ago! We went all way down to Aransas Pass (15ish hours from us) for Bro. Riley’s annual STAR conference. It was the first […]

the going ons of us

Yes, I’m a horrendous blogger. No, I don’t really care at this point. haha (okay, maybe a little) BUT GUYS I have a splendid excuse! We are now traveling full-time as a family, preaching in different churches across the country! So, my schedule is very much wack right now. And I apologize for my major […]