spring has sprung

I cannot begin to describe how happy I am that spring finally decided to show up! (Even though coronavirus is putting a huge damper on it) As I’ve said many times, spring is my favorite season. It’s the perfect temperatures, beautiful blue skies, amazing rain showers, pastel blooms everywhere, fresh atmosphere, and a wonderful sense […]

so much more

It’s so easy to get focused on now. What we’re wearing, how we’re going to finish that project, what that person will think of us, what we’ll be eating for dinner, how we plan on surviving the Coronavirus (which is honestly being dramatized way too much), etc. So easily, our minds become consumed with all […]

2020 bullet journaling || march

Hello, everyone! Today I’ll be sharing my March spreads! I am super happy with how they turned out! I love the feminine, springy look I went for. The softness made it perfect for March! This is my “one line a day” spread I was describing in my last bujo post—I am so glad I decided […]

february in review || 2020

So, February is over, y’all. And I’m pretty weirded out about that. Ha Anyway, February was full! I can barely remember the beginning—so much happened! Valentine’s Day I drank a lot of yummy smoothies (thanks, Mom!) had my first interview (loong story there) Kennzie went to TX we went to Joe’s Kansas City BBQ (aka […]