Honduras 2019 || part 4

Day 6, May 28th

Tuesday, we spent time working and cleaning at the church. We got to hear Charity sing a special and testify while we cleaned the bathrooms, which was absolutely hysterical. We love you, Charity!!

I had French braided my hair, as well as Lydia’s and Charity’s, so we got a few pictures to capture us matching. Although, we didn’t get any of all three of us together.

Pardon the crazy hair!😜

We also went to the beach at one point, and I loved it! Us girls swam while the guys jumped off the dock a ways off. I thoroughly enjoyed the short time we were there, even if the sand was scorching. haha My lands, that sand was hot!😵 (Wasn’t it, Lydia?) A few of us actually left the ocean sunburnt, though we were only there about 30-45 minutes. Thankfully, it faded fairly quickly, so we weren’t suffering too long.😉

Day 7, May 29th

Wednesday, we got the privilege of watching a native Honduran make tamales. It was very cool to watch! And the results were delicious.

While we were at her house, we got to swim in both their lake and their lake-fed pool. I enjoyed both, but we all agree the pool was more fun than the shallow and rocky lake. At the lake, we ate green mangos cut French fry style and seasoned. The flavor combination was quite odd, but I think I liked it. haha

One thing me, Kennzie, and Kesler picked up while were in Honduras was the correct pronunciation of mango; it’s mahn-go, not the American mayn-go.🤷🏼‍♀️ At first, it sounded very odd to our ears, but by the 2nd or 3rd day, it’s what we were also calling it. My mom said something about mayn-go while we were FaceTiming once, and it seriously took me a full minute before I realized what she was talking about. I was so confused about what a mayn-go was! I was like, “Ohhh, you mean mahn-go!” hahaha

I feel like we adapted very quickly to the culture there; their way of life seemed completely normal by the time we left. When we arrived, it was very much a culture shock. The open air buildings, crazy (but skilled) driving, all the rapid-fire Spanish, English words covering all their T-shirts and other clothing items, and many, many motorcycles and mopeds carrying as many as 6 people at once. (Y’all, it was hilariously insane.😆)

to be continued…

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