We. Are. It.

Some of you may have already seen this, some haven’t. The post I’ve written today is geared for Apostolics within the 16-20 age range. All can read and benefit, though!   We have all spent our early teen years not as involved as we could have been, not as in love with Him as we could have […]

Visiting Wisconsin

Hello, all! It’s been a beautiful spring day so far–blue skies, warm air, and dandelions covering our green front yard. I am seriously loving this. haha I mentioned in my last post that my family went to Wisconsin for a weekend recently, and I also promised a post about it. So here it is!😉

I’m Back!

Guys, it feels like it has been forever. I’ve missed y’all. haha Wow. A lot has happened in the last two-three weeks. We have been out of town every weekend for the past three weeks, Easter is on Sunday, and we have a wedding to attend and a campout for my dad and brother to […]

When the Storm Becomes Beautiful

I am writing this at 3:45 in the morning, because I happen to be wide awake. A very frustrating thing, but hey! Blog post inspiration, right? Haha It’s storming outside. Not a horrible, tornado-weather type storm, but a soft, sleepy storm. It’s been nice. Just a few minutes ago, as I laid here, listening to […]