january in review || 2020

Wow, how is it February? 2020 is already racing by.😵

Surprisingly, we’ve already done so much this year. I have:

  • rung in the new year
  • been in over three weeks of revivals
  • had a week without water in our house
  • Bishop Riggen’s 60th birthday party
  • started a bullet journal
  • started reading ebooks because of the flexibility and have gotten quite a few read (11!)
  • went to a youth rally
  • finished the Bible for the 6th time
  • restarted the Bible
  • tried orange vanilla Coke and loved it
  • decorated my room for Valentine’s Day

I’m greatly anticipating this year! I know our life will look much different leaving 2020 than ringing it in. And I’m very excited about all of it finally happening!

I hope you all have wonderful Februarys!♥️


6 thoughts on “january in review || 2020

  1. Haha I’m glad to still be living!🤪 (I have seen both emails, but haven’t had a chance to respond! So, I apologize. Haha) The ones I use are the Tombow Fudenosuke brush pens, hard tip; I absolutely love them! I have used the same one for over a year with my journaling Bible, and it’s still doing great! I just recently bought a pack of 6 on Amazon for $10, so they’re not too spendy.😁 I’ll likely be doing a post on bullet journaling soon, so I’ll be sure to add links for everything then.😉 Thanks for commenting!♥️


  2. Ooooops, just got this 😬 Yay, looking forward to the bujo post! My brush pens started running out of ink like a week after I got them so yours sound pretty great 😆 Looking forward to more posts 😊


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