my bedroom makeover || start to finish

Hi! This was a requested post that I’ve procrastinated doing. Haha I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on my room transformation, so I think it’d be fun to discuss it more! As a reminder, here’s what it looked like to begin with: From start to finish, my space was completely redone. I changed the style, […]


2020 bullet journaling || april

Hello, everyone! I hope you all aren’t having a terrible day, and that you’ve found at least a few reasons to smile! This pandemic has put a huge damper on life right now. BUT. It will get better. This is not the end. Blue skies still exist. God is with us always. Anyway. I finished […]

march in review || 2020

Wow. March was pretty terrible, wasn’t it?😂 I’m just praying it all ends quickly! And that April is better.😣 This is the shortest monthly recap I’ve ever done—it’s obvious that quarantine took over our life. Haha I took almost no pictures this month, either. So, I apologize for the super boring post! Coronavirus started our […]