all the new

Guys! I am sure y’all have already noticed at least some of the changes I’ve made on here recently. But, if you haven’t noticed, I have completely redone my blog design! I love, love, love my new design- it’s very fresh and aesthetic, which is a lot closer to my style at this point. Who […]

hello again || what I’m loving

Hi! I actually wrote this post a while ago and never got around to posting it. So, I am posting it now. haha It’s been awhile, eh? I feel like it’s been quite a bit of time since I’ve done any writing on here (the posts that have been published were scheduled), and I’ve missed […]

Honduras 2019 || part 7

Day 13, June 4th We got to the airport around 6 am and didn’t board until 11:50, so we had a lot of downtime. It was so bittersweet. We made some really good “last memories”, played lots of Uno (Total, we played close to 30. But that’s including the 22 me and Josiah played.😆), and […]

Honduras 2019 || part 6

Day 10, June 1st Saturday was “Sunday school” (a bit ironic haha), which I actually really enjoyed. Seeing all the little kids running around and singing Spanish Sunday school songs made my heart smile. I got about one million hugs and exclamations over my long braids. It was adorable! I even had one girl grab […]

Honduras 2019 || part 5

Day 8, May 30th We had the privilege of going to the La Ceiba mall and eating Cinnabon on Thursday afternoon. Thursday night, we had their midweek service. Both events were great! Although, I did prefer the service.😉 Josiah and Lydia weren’t able to go with us to the mall due to school, but we […]