Honduras 2019 || part 7

Day 13, June 4th

We got to the airport around 6 am and didn’t board until 11:50, so we had a lot of downtime. It was so bittersweet. We made some really good “last memories”, played lots of Uno (Total, we played close to 30. But that’s including the 22 me and Josiah played.😆), and shed a few tears. It felt like a gut punch when we left- I had come to love each and every one of them as family! And I also fell in love with Honduras. To say it was a rough goodbye is putting it lightly.😭

Our flights ended up going well, nothing went wrong, and we got to sit with Kelser on the plane. All good things, yet it didn’t stop the depression of leaving.😐 haha

And that concludes the daily recaps.😜

Honestly, I could go on for days and still not make a dent in what our Honduras trip really was. As I write this, I am desperately grasping the words to adequately explain my trip. And I can’t. It was above and beyond anything I expected, and I mean it with my whole heart when I say that it will stay with me forever.❤️ The sibling bond we created with the Schreckhise’s and Kesler was so refreshing and relaxing- our personalities all just click so well, and I know we established the start of a wonderful friendship! Heritage is going to be fabulous for those of us who will be there! (I wish we could all go!)

Then there is the country itself. The country of Honduras is wonderful- I loved it there! It was just so pretty and down to earth; I have been missing it all so much since I have left! I really can’t wait to go back.❤️ Despite the insanely unbelievable amounts of sweat.😜 (GUYS. It was unreal.😵😆)

Also, the culture shock coming back to America was almost as bad as going to Honduras! haha We had been programmed to say “gracias” and “de nada”, become used to the very slow Honduran lines, gotten used to how friendly the Honduran people were, and had come to love hearing and seeing Spanish everywhere. None of us were ready to come back to the US.😕

But really, our trip was way more than anything I put in these posts. I can’t even begin to write down everything that happened. Even the pictures don’t do it justice. It was Would You Rather? at the poolside, touching God during morning devotions, getting smacked in the head with a pillow by Fabricio, having heart-to-hearts with my newfound siblings (We still need to finish that conversation, Lydia!), sobbing during the services, Sis. Schreckhise’s morning hugs, 3 liters of Coke and cans of Dr Pepper, granitas at Espresso Americano, Bro Roman’s stories, having the boys (mainly Fabricio) finish any food we had leftover, swinging during every bit of free time, Josiah’s cherry bombs that lifted me out of my swing pretty much every single time, riding in the back of the truck, chasing Curious George (the chicken) out of the house, watching Kesler do his yoyo tricks, listening to Josiah read kid’s books in all different accents, enjoying Sarah’s random insane hyper moments, laughing at Fabricio act gangster, doing the girl’s hair, gracias and de nada, the beauty of the swinging bridge, eating baleadas, chatting with Charity, PK stories and moments, Kesler’s never-ending supply of energy, Veggie Tale’s music video, “We all be the same”, BD, flour fight, baking frenzy, the awe of our blonde hair and blue eyes, waking up to roosters and geckos, the boys matching identically, freezing showers at youth camp, water bags, van rides, chilling on the front porch, playing Apples to Apples, holding and hugging all the kids, hearing all the Spanish, throwing the water bottle at camp, swimming at the ocean and lake, braiding hair, Uno (13-9!), hot wings at the mall, perfecting our saluting, Kennzie’s food getting stolen, the plane ride with Kesler, hearing Charity preach, Odyssey and Veggie Tales, discussing scary books, tamales, toot machine, the look on our faces when we found out the flight was full, and wishing for rain to dance in.

To Bro. and Sis. Schreckhise: thank you so much for letting us come down and stay with you! You guys were amazing and made me feel so welcome and at home.

Honduras, we miss you!❤️

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