spring and summer trends for 2020

Okay, so. I won’t be doing the “end of the month” or bullet journal posts I usually do. I’ve been doing basically nothing, so my April wouldn’t be interesting to read about.😆 For the bujo post, it didn’t turn out super photogenic this month. So I’ll spare y’all.😜

This post is more for the fun of it than anything. Because, really, we all know that no one’s going anywhere. Haha But, one of my favorite things about spring and summer is the fashion! And this year is no exception.

In 2020, we have some new styles, tried-and-true styles, and styles that have made a comeback! I always love seeing what will come in style next, and how other’s style the trends. Even though most people aren’t leaving their homes, that hasn’t stopped spring styles from sprouting! And I’m loving it all!

This year it’s:

  • pastel colors
  • denim!
  • oversized jean jackets
  • high-waisted skirts
  • vibrant colors
  • leopard
  • braids + topknots
  • soft florals
  • trendy tennis shoes
  • tie dye
  • hair scarves and clips
  • block/low heels
  • jumpers/overall dresses
  • and more!

The things that surprised me the most were jean jackets, leopard, and tie dye. For so long, my mind would jump all the way back to 2010 when I saw any of them. But this year (last year too), they’ve come back in fresh ways that make them look good again. I’m excited!

Some of the ways I’ve styled them:

For this outfit, I’ve mixed casual with trendy. The pleated skirt and hair are a fun contrast to the tennis shoes and sweatshirt! I think this outfit is perfect for running errands, traveling, or theme parks! It’s comfortable and relaxed, while still put-together. Next vacation I go on, I’ll definitely have this in my suitcase!

I love how versatile this jumper is! I wore it a lot during fall with ankle boots or oxfords, but it can just as easily take on a summery look with sandals! There are endless ways to mix and match, too. All different undershirts and shoes could be worn! And also, hair accessories could change the look as well.

I love how girly this one is! The blush shirt and pleated shirt make it super feminine and springy, while the denim jacket brings a funky, relaxed vibe.

What are your favorite spring/summer looks?


12 thoughts on “spring and summer trends for 2020

  1. So… with all of this, I haven’t really started wearing what I’ve been wanting to try out! BUT, the thing that I have actually seen a lot when it comes to casual is the white soft cotton tee, oversized jacket, tie-dye skirt with a knot, and converse or plain black flats.


  2. That sounds really cute and fun!…if only I had a tie dye skirt!😆 Oversized jean jackets and neutral tennis shoes are awesome—you can wear them with so much! Thanks for commenting, Natalia!🔅


  3. I love your outfits and style. You are beautiful, Sis!💕 I’m still waiting for an oversized jean jacket to make it’s way down here! 😁 My favorite look of the three you posted was the middle one with the jean jumper. It is cute! Love you and hope to talk to you soon! 🙈😊

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  4. Thank you! It’s actually a dark navy and white stripe.😉 I’ve been looking for black and white striped, too! I just can’t seem to find one for a good price! But I guess I haven’t actually been out shopping, either. Ha! I’m so ready for stores to be open here!

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