my bedroom makeover || start to finish

Hi! This was a requested post that I’ve procrastinated doing. Haha I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on my room transformation, so I think it’d be fun to discuss it more!

As a reminder, here’s what it looked like to begin with:

From start to finish, my space was completely redone. I changed the style, the furniture, the colors, the vibes, everything. And while the actual project took about a week, the process of getting it all figured out took waaay longer! I knew for a while that I was very ready for a change, but hesitated at investing in something I might end up hating. So, I spent a TON of time researching and thinking about what exactly I wanted to see in my new-and-improved bedroom. I also had a budget I was working with, so I knew I had to be creative and not go crazy with the redo. I spent months trying to decide what style was truly me, what I wanted to prioritize, and how different I wanted to go. No joke. It took forever! Ha (definitely my Type One coming out)

My personality played a huge role in which style I decided on. I love so many different decor styles, which is what made it so hard to choose! But as I thought about it, I knew there were certain styles I just couldn’t live with. One style I loved was boho—the gorgeous aesthetics were what drew me to it. Yet, I realized that it was far too cluttery for me. I would go crazy with so many layers and nicknacks! And in addition, that was one of the things I was trying to get away from in my new room. Plus, my bed frame and light didn’t go with it at all. I laid that idea to rest and brainstormed what I would be able to live with.

THEN, we got Homebody by Joanna Gaines from the library. After spending weeks looking at all the beautiful spaces, I finally nailed down what exactly my style was! I love lots of neutrals, subtle texture, simple-and-clean-cut, plants upon plants, modern-minimalist yet vintage, sophisticated yet relaxed. That even carries over to my fashion style, as well! (Minus the plants. Ha!) I was able to take a huge breath and start actually putting things together.

I knew I wanted: 1) white walls and trim 2) little to nothing on the walls 3) crisp, black accents 4) inexpensive desk, three-tiered cart for storage, bookshelf, and nightstand from IKEA 5) more plants 6) new curtains 7) an accent wall I saw in one of the bedrooms 8) different pillow cases for behind my shams

Minimalism quickly became a priority. I knew I wanted everything to be painted white, because that would be the only color I wouldn’t lose my mind over. Ha! I had had brown and mint far too long, and I was so so ready for a clean slate! So, white walls and trim were a must. (And y’all, they’ve been Ah-mazing!) I already had wood floors and a great light, so neither of those needed to be changed. But my pink, unopenable curtains and decorations covering the entire walls had to go. I hated them so much that I went in one day and just took everything down, including the curtains. (I live in the country, so having a bare window wasn’t a problem) It felt amazing, and I knew I was on the right track!

My window was actually one of the best parts of the remodel! I had never been able to open my curtains due to them being very difficult to slide across the curtain rod. It didn’t really bother me until I got plants that needed sunlight. I took them down, got white shears that worked with the rod, and raised and widened the curtain rod. The instant change that made was fabulous! I realized that I had amazing natural light and a huge window that made my room feel even bigger. I’m very thankful to have such great light in my room!

I got a white bedspread, moved around my hope chest (that my grandpa made for me when I graduated), and added a few other random things that made it closer to being what I wanted. By then, it was looking more like this:

Which was so much better, but still had a lot of work left. One of the problem areas was my bed frame; I wasn’t too hip on the shabby chic look anymore. The beds I was looking at were black metal-framed and more modern-minimalist. Yet, I knew I couldn’t buy a new one with my budget. I was at my Whit’s end trying to find a decor style that I would love and that would match my current bed frame. I was stuck again.

Until one day, I got a brilliant idea! How about I PAINT MINE. (I mean, duh—how had I not thought of that?!) So, I quickly ordered black spray paint and patiently waited for Dad to say he was ready to paint my walls and trim! When the time came to tackle the huge project, we moved every single thing out of my room. I threw a lot of stuff away and thought hard about what I wanted to put back in. Then, we finished everything and put my things back! And it looked like this:

Y’all, I love it SO MUCH. And it hardly cost anything compared to what it could have! Major score!

In conclusion, these are the things that made the biggest impact:

  • got rid of all the clutter
  • painted everything white
  • higher, wider white curtains
  • Ikea!! I got all my furniture and some plants there. I love the look, quality, and prices of what they sell!
  • plants, lots of plants
  • little to nothing on the walls
  • new white quilt, simply put over my old comforter—it’s fuller that way!
  • one thing I do is tweak things for the seasons and holidays; it keeps variety and makes it fun! (The picture above is fall decor. To see my spring decor, go here!)
  • purposeful decorations (everything I have on the walls has meaning and purpose)

If you have any questions, let me know! I love hearing your thoughts! Also, if you’re wanting a link to anything, I can try to get that for you.😁


14 thoughts on “my bedroom makeover || start to finish

  1. I had just published my post when the notification that you published one popped up…it looks like we were on the same track, girl!

    I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again…I love your room, and it is definitely sooo you! I love the vibe, and while reading your descriptions, I could just picture it in my head without having to see a picture. You really do have a way with words, my friend. Love you big, amiga! Can’t wait to see y’all again.

    I was so bummed to hear that they canceled Heritage! 😭😭 Dad told me today, and I was so disappointed! I heard they canceled West Coast, as well!

    Anyways, awesome blog, love you bunches! Ttyl, hopefully, tomorrow! 😁 Te amo, hermana. 💕

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  2. Love it!!!! I have had my room in the boho style since we moved. It doesn’t have a bunch of stuff in it so I like it, BUT ever since I saw pics of your room I’ve finally found a room that I actually think is perfect! I love the whit and how you don’t have much on your walls! What’s on the 9 frames on the wall across from your bed?


  3. Thank you!! Boho is probably my second favorite decor style, ever! I’m just too minimalist. White has been amazing! Those frames are a missions wall I have—Africa, Honduras, Lebanon, etc. Plus, some quotes. I’m glad you were inspired, Natalia! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!🌸


  4. They’re real! I love love having real plants! They make my room feel more alive and watching them grow is so fun! I think the biggest thing when considering real VS fake is how much sunlight you have. I have a ton of sunlight, so I can get away with any plant. But, if you don’t have much, I’d recommend getting a low-sun plant. I’ve seen them in the garden section at Walmart, labeled under “indoor plants.” Their tag will usually say how much sun it needs, too. If you’re not sure, get an inexpensive one to experiment! Move it around your room and see how well it does in different spots.🤷🏼‍♀️ Also, over-watering them will drown them, especially if it’s a succulent (or desert plants like that). It’s hard to find fake plants that look good; there are some, they’re just not easy to find! If you have any more questions, let me know!😁


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