and it went like this || part two

part one here


I got very excited about summer! Summer is my favorite month, and June begins it all.

Summer sunsets in Kansas are incredible! We get to see skies like this every night.

We were still going strong with our healthy eating, so breakfast was a smoothie almost every day.

June mostly consists of pictures of healthy food and my outfits (because, hellooo, I actually was getting out again!!). I’m noticing how often I used to wear my glasses! Before Kansas was put under a mask-mandate, that is. Glasses + masks don’t mix.

At some point, we got into a Monopoly kick. We had to stop though, because it might have been destroying relationships. 😁


Independence Day is always a highlight! We are extremely patriotic, so we, of course, have to dress the part head to toe. I love watching fireworks from our front yard– and then getting lost in the magic of the stars afterward.

One day, we decided we’d make play-dough. (me and Valena, that is) It turned out to be pretty fun, and a great time-killer! July apparently wasn’t super eventful. haha


August was a fantastic month! I got to go to Florida and spend a weekend with these people ^^

One Sunday, I wore one of Mom’s dresses from when she was my age and dating my dad! Of course, me and Dad had to recreate the memory.


We had another girl’s day!

We road-tripped to Illinois, and, while we were there, we ate at these nostalgic restaurants!

I painted some shoes and turned 18.


At some point, we went to a pumpkin patch.

My favorite part of October was definitely our trip to Chicago!! It was so last minute, but so fun. Love you guys!


I VOTED!! (for Trump–just had to throw that in there.) I’m pretty sure my family was delirious when we went. We had coffee in hand as we stood in line, and, for the life us, we couldn’t stop obnoxiously laughing. At everything. I’d say I felt bad for the guy in front of us…but I think he thought we were as hilarious as we thought we were. Poor guy kept trying to keep a straight face. (It’s okay, buddy–you can laugh. We already know we’re hysterical) Best part was masks not being required!! (Because why are we wearing absolutely pointless pieces of fabric?? I know this is controversial, but I don’t care. Masks 👏🏻 are 👏🏻 dumb 👏🏻)

Can’t remember where I found this, but it’s so true it’s almost not funny.

This one, I’m pretty sure Tavia sent…and wow, it’s hilarious.

This one wins the prize for the most horrible spelling of my name by a Starbucks worker. Why is this so difficult?

This was our end-of-day Black Friday Starbucks, the one that’s more necessary than any other time of the year! We get up at about 4am, and we don’t quit shopping until around 8pm. I’m always so pumped for Black Friday!!

Most satisfying moment of 2020 right there. ^^ (No, I did not buy them to match–I’d had the dress for a couple years already.)

I decorated for Christmas wayyy early. Like, beginning of November. haha


I received both of these beautiful gifts from mystery secret Santas! I don’t have a clue who they’re from, but if it was someone reading this–thank you!!! I love them <3<3

We had a youth Christmas party, and it was a blast! I love getting together with these people.

Signs that Christmas is coming!

Got to see these friends again!

Then, just a few days later, our family got covid. It’s NOT any worse than the flu, but it wasn’t fun. The worst part was spending Christmas in quarantine instead of with family. Why couldn’t we have gotten it before the holidays?? It’s not like we were trying to not get it. ha

And that’s it!✨

(why does it take so. long. to do an end-of-year post??)


9 thoughts on “and it went like this || part two

  1. Okay, where to start? Your personalised secret Santa gift is too cute! And that mug, oh my. I started a college recently of vintage mugs, op shop finds and pretty floral ones that my grandma didn’t want and it makes drinking my water so much more appealing. Also, Starbucks! Big yes. I’m just an iced latte person but what’s your usual order? Happy belated eighteenth birthday and I must say I agree- masks are completely useless, especially when you’re in Sydney and have seven cases in the state!


  2. I really would love to start a vintage mug collection! I have a cousin who has one, and her mugs are the cutest.🤩
    Oo, for Starbucks, I don’t really have a usual. Ha I just go with how I feel! A few that I seem to order a bit more than the others are: 1) iced caramel macchiatos, not shaken, and drunk from the top down. 2) mocha cookie crumble Frappuccino 3) Star drink 4) iced chai latte
    Thank you!! Oh wow! Yeah, I’d definitely say that it’s unnecessary! Ha

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’d say you’ve got enough variety in your Starbucks orders! Definitely more than me haha. Come to think of it though, I did go through a phase of really liking their iced chocolate drinks so maybe I need to branch out more. Try a seasonal flavour of something!


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