christmas bedroom decor || 2020

I. love. Christmas. It’s by far my favorite holiday (even though it’s in my least favorite season!), and decorating every year is one of the best parts! We decided to decorate early this year, because we were all too excited to wait. For my room, I used as many strings of lights that I could […]

being modest in autumn

Hello, everyone! I have had so much fun this Autumn with outfit brainstorming. I’ve made sure to record almost every outfit I’ve put together, so that I could share them with you all! The quality isn’t spectacular, but that’s because they were taken simply to help me remember what I’d worn. I heard someone say […]

outfits I’ve worn this spring + summer

Hello, everyone and happy Monday! Today I’m sharing an assortment of outfits I’ve worn this spring and summer. I love love spring and summer fashions, so I’ve been having a lot of fun! Some of my favorite staple pieces have been: black jumper graphic tees hair clips wicker purse lightweight midi dresses Sanuk sandals high […]

spring and summer trends for 2020

Okay, so. I won’t be doing the “end of the month” or bullet journal posts I usually do. I’ve been doing basically nothing, so my April wouldn’t be interesting to read about.😆 For the bujo post, it didn’t turn out super photogenic this month. So I’ll spare y’all.😜 This post is more for the fun […]