The INFJ Unveiled: Part 5

Unlike the other MBTI types, INFJs use logic and emotion equally when making decisions. So, if we are helping someone else make a decision, we automatically recognize whether they are using mainly emotion or mainly logic. We typically don’t even know we are doing this; it just happens. After we (unknowingly) decide what they are using to make their decision, we will use the exact opposite to help them balance their decision-making.

For example, if I am shopping with someone who uses emotion to make their choices, I use logic to show another side of it. So, say they are wanting to buy this particular pair of expensive shoes, because they just love the color, want new shoes, So-and-So has a pair, it is the latest trend, they feel like spending money, etc. (you fill in the blank). I will say, “Are you going to wear those often enough? Do you need new shoes? Are they comfortable? Is that price even remotely reasonable? Can you afford them?” But, if they are just using logic and not using emotion, I will do the opposite. I’ll say things like, “You’ve been wanting some like that forever. They are adorable! You could wear them to the conferences this year! They are totally your style!”

I really have no idea why I do this. I really have no idea why INFJs do half the things they do.😂 I didn’t realize I even did that until I was reading about it somewhere, and I was like, “So that’s what I’m doing!”😆😂😜 The INFJ Unveiled: Part 1 The INFJ Unveiled: Part 2 The INFJ Unveiled: Part 3 The INFJ Unveiled: Part 4


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