The INFJ Unveiled: Part 3

The first two of these INFJ posts have been pretty long. A long post usually takes more effort on both the reader’s and the writer’s part. Because of this, I am going to start trying to write my INFJ posts a little different than I have in the past. I want to focus on one thing per post, but be more informative than I have before. This will cause me to have to write more parts, but I think it will be easier on all of us to write them this way. Whenever you see me next, tell me what you think! I don’t allow comments for several different reasons, but I would love some feedback on my blog from y’all!

For “part 3” I am going to write about the way INFJs are extroverted introverts. Sound confusing? Most people are until I explain what I mean. INFJs are odd in the fact that they are extroverted introverts. We love people and getting to know them, but we are definitely introverted. I love going to youth events and meeting new people. I am intrigued by others and the concept of personality. (Which is probably why I love the Myers-Briggs test! The test I have used and love is found at Learning people’s quirks is a really fun challenge for me. To people who have just met me, I appear extroverted, due to my outgoing-ness.

Sometimes people will catch me in one of my crazy moments, and be shocked at my hyper weirdness. Those moments don’t happen super often, but they do happen. Most of the time it’s when I’ve had coffee, it’s late, the people I am around are hyper, or a combination. I was in this kind of mood for a good portion of the lock-in at the TLC spring youth rally. People who didn’t know me probably assumed I was an extrovert.

On the flip side, I have no doubt that I am an introvert. I get my energy from being alone. Without alone time, I can become moody, and I feel very drained. INFJs have to learn how to balance their love for people and introvert qualities, or they will be miserable. My family can definitely vouch for me on this. It isn’t unusual for me to randomly escape to my room to recharge by being alone. Percentages wise, I am about 67% introverted and 33% extroverted.

This post was a little longer than intended, but I feel like I explained myself pretty well. The INFJ Unveiled: Part 1 The INFJ Unveiled: Part 2