The INFJ Unveiled: Part 4


I have always loved people that struck me as “different”. The people that exuded uniqueness were (and still are) the ones that I was drawn to. They have always inspired me to be completely myself, and to not be scared to let my own uniqueness show, whether it’s through my style, this blog, or simply the way I present myself. Weird people who embrace their weirdness are too rare. I’m weird and proud of it! Why would I want to be like “everyone else” anyway? Normal is way overrated.😉😜

I honestly don’t know why, but INFJs are naturally drawn to the broken, the lost, the hurting, and so on. They give us a desire to “fix” them, or at least better their lives. We wish we could make the world a better place and change the mindsets of the people around us and beyond. INFJs are the ones that see a homeless person and then think of them for days, a lonely wallflower and wish they could put a smile on their face, a defenseless person being bullied or deceived and the desire to help the helpless is ignited inside them. We are the kind of people that feel unsatisfied and unfulfilled if we think we aren’t making a difference around us.

These INFJ posts are mainly for those interested in the 16 personalities, my fellow INFJs, and myself. I have a lot of fun doing these posts! If they bore any of y’all, just skip ’em; I won’t be offended.😉😜 What types of posts do you want more of? Tell me when you get the chance!😃


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