plot twist

Life will throw plot twists at random, sometimes good and sometimes bad. But, all the same, shocking and new and glaringly different. I myself, we as a country, and we as humans on planet earth have experienced much of this in the past couple years. With a pandemic, wrecked and twisted election, and everything else in between, it’s been crazy for everyone. And in the middle of it all, our family has been in the weirdest season of life as of yet. Including but not limited to: life upending calls, weeks (and months) waiting on intense decisions to be made, trying to find our normal again and again, power-evangelizing with seven people and a boatload of trauma, navigating our life with a house but no home, then yet another life upending call that changed our life more drastically than anything else.

A call saying there was a church looking for a pastor.

A call saying we might have a home again.

A call saying there just might be light at the end of this tunnel.

A call promising both devastation and resurrection equally.

A call that will change us forever.

We answered that call, drove across the country and explored the opportunity in front of us, then came back home and prayed and fasted and counseled and waited. Then, we got our answer and gave them ours.

Our answer was YES. Yes, we’ll come, whole heartedly.

So, we’re going. Less than one month after we said yes, we’ll be driving across the country once more. This time, with what’s left of our life packed behind us. Because we’re going, and we’re going all in. This is going to be our home and our normal, our life’s purpose and our place to belong. Finally.

Where? To Southern Mississippi.

We’ll be living in the south, yet we’re by no means southern.

We’ll be leaving a world of BBQ to enter a world of chitlins.

We’ll be surrounded by y’all and saying ope.

We’ll have corn fields in our rearview mirrors and be looking through the windshield at forests.

We’ll be going from four seasons to three.

We’ll be, instead of longtime locals, yankee newcomers.

Good thing we agree on sweet tea.


12 thoughts on “plot twist

  1. Aw so good to hear an update from you and I’m so glad to hear God is leading you in the way He would have you! Keep your eyes on Him! ❤️


  2. I love the way you worded this, and I’m so excited for you guys! ♥️ Despite the big difference and change, I know that y’all are in God’s Will, and that He will hold you safely in the palm of His hand, and guide you exactly where you need to be. He will show you what you need to do. We are praying for you guys, and I hope you will have a big glass of sweet tea to welcome me when I come to see you! 😂

    Love you so much, sis! 🤟🏼 Greetings to the fam! 😁♥️


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