just us and naples

Just a couple weeks ago, me and Kennzie were able to meet two of our cousins in Naples, Florida to stay with our grandma. We had so much fun! I’m very thankful I had this opportunity to get to know them better and get some good quality time in before we are all too grown up 🙂

Our airport experience was better than expected, given the circumstances. But it was still pretty annoying. We were required to wear masks the entire flight, except when eating. Though, they didn’t enforce social distancing at all. The flight was pretty full, too.

Most of our time was spent exploring Naples or at the beach. I enjoyed exploring the most! We went into a bunch of cute shops that had fun odds and ends. Cara and I are equally fascinated by gift shops, so we were often together going to every one we found. We had a couple funny experiences while doing this that made some great memories. haha

One night, we watched the sunset from the pier, and it was stunning! The night was truly magical. We could see dolphins and massive schools of fish swimming right below us, and that was super neat.

While we were there, we went on a dolphin cruise that was so much fun! It was a gorgeous boat ride, and it was the perfect weather. We saw a few dolphins, but the highlight of our trip was looking at all the multi-million dollar mansions lining the shore. I love studying and critiquing houses, so that was a special treat to be able to be so close to such beautiful and huge houses! (Thanks, Mimi!)

All in all, it was the best weekend I could have asked for with them! We had some really great late-night conversations, and also some really great chill moments. There are hundreds of details I’m leaving out…there’s no way I could add them all! But I feel like I left much closer to them than ever before–it was the perfect way to reconnect! The trip was amazing.

Love you guys, and I’m excited for our next trip!💕


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