12 ways I’ve become healthier

Happy Friday, everyone!

I’m not sure how many of you know, but I’m kind of a health nut. That part of me has been emphasized in the past few months, but I’ve always loved the idea of being healthy! I enjoy exercising and eating clean, and I feel so much better when I’m doing it consistently. I just haven’t really seen a need for it until earlier this year.

Since then, I have been doing everything I can to accomplish that goal of being healthier, all around. Here’s what I’ve done or am aiming to do:

ONE –drinking more water

This is essential to being anywhere near healthy–for so many reasons! I have an Ozark Trails cup (Yetti style) that allows me to have ice-cold water all day. I usually drink two or three per day, especially if I’m spending a lot of time outside. Also, lemon slices and sage leaves make otherwise tasteless water so refreshing and summery! Nothing beats that on a hot day.

TWO –become more active–

I feel like all of these are no-brainers. haha But seriously, being active is so beneficial to a healthy lifestyle. I feel happier and less coach-potatoish when I’m working out consistently. I do have a exercise mat and prefer doing things that are all on my mat. It makes things easier and more seamless, which makes me have more motivation to actually do it. I’ve been on a good routine about 75% of the time since last fall, and it’s been really awesome! Although, the actual workouts I’ve been doing have been extremely varied. I get bored quite easily with the same thing over and over. Switching things up helps me to keep wanting to exercise.

THREE –gone gluten free

It runs in our family to have a sensitivity to gluten. So when I began seeing the signs pointing to me also having one (every time I ate gluten, I got super nauseous), I began fading myself out of it. The longer I went without gluten, the more my gut healed and became sensitive to it. I just recently finished 30 days of no gluten, and I’ve had none of the previous problems. So, I can safely say that I have a sensitivity to gluten.

FOUR –less to no sugars–

Sugar is so bad for you, in so many different ways. It will bloat you, cause many health issues, cause inflamation, etc. I feel way better when I’m diligent about keeping it out of my diet! Natural sweeteners are great, such as honey, agave, stevia, and so much more.

FIVE –gotten a good sleep schedule–

For me personally, when I’m getting up early and going to bed consistently, I’m way less tired and more happy. My schedule as of late has been 7am-11pm. I have actually always wanted to be one of those morning people that get up at 5am to exercise and journal, so maybe I’ll get there someday! haha But if you’re following a wacky schedule, there’s a good chance it’s having a negative effect on your body.

SIX –went mostly toxic-free–

This is definitely still a work in progress, but I’ve come a long way! I’m currently finishing up soaps/shampoos that aren’t the best, then I’ll switch totally. My face routine is 95% clean, and I’m about to change some other things as well. One of the next things I’ll be doing is finding a replacement for my Bath and Body Works things. If any of y’all have suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

SEVEN –taken a Paleo approach–

Paleo is one of the most doable lifestyle diets, for me. (I actually tend to be more Primal than Paleo; if you don’t know what those are, google it. ha) It’s really not as weird/hard as it sounds! I adjust fairly quickly and genuinely love the food. Mom and I did 30 days of strict Paleo recently, and it was a satisfying accomplishment! I probably won’t ever be that strict about it as a lifestyle, but it was a fun challenge.

EIGHT –outside more–

This spring, I really started spending more time outside. It was fantastic!…but then it got humid. So, I haven’t been outside as much as I should. Though, it’s very beneficial for becoming healthier all around.

NINE –tried going dairy-free for my congestion/allergies–

This is connected with Paleo, as Paleo is dairy free. I honestly noticed no difference in my allergies during the 30 days we were dairy free. I had previously thought I’d made a connection with it in short-term instances, but nothing changed long-term. So I’ve gone to just limiting my dairy instead of eliminating it altogether. I’m not going into all the research behind it, but cow milk isn’t as healthy as assumed; so almond milk is my milk of choice.

TEN –started eating breakfast every morning–

This is good for metabolism and a lot of other things. I’m not really a breakfast person (unless it’s cinnamon rolls), so it’s kind of a chore to be consistent with this. But I try!

ELEVEN –plants–

I’m just going to throw this one in there, even though it’s not directly related to your health. As we all know, plants do purify the air and create a cleaner environment. So having them throughout my room is likely benefitting me in unnoticable ways.

TWELVE –live in the moment–

Last of all, relax! Enjoy life. Look at the stars. Drive with your windows down. Do awesome things and refrain from immediately texting your friends about it, maybe journal instead. Breathe in the sunshine. Life doesn’t need to be a rush, and you can control that.

I hope this inspires you all to be your best and healthiest self! 🌵🌸


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