painted canvas shoes || diy

Hello, everyone! I finally got around to doing a diy that I’ve wanted to do forever! SO I thought I’d share my process and results with you!

I recently bought some white canvas tennis shoes at Target, to try the style out before I invested in a more expensive/durable option (spoiler alert: I LOVE them!!) Since I’ve now purchased a pair of Keds, I needed something to do with my old off-brands. (they were really great shoes, they just got dirty easily–the leather option is much nicer) I’m excited to show you the results!

I began by painting the entire shoe a light pink because 1) they were dirty, so a fresh color was needed 2) having a first layer already soaked in helped the design be more crisp and apply better. If you’re wondering, I used the same acrylic paints from Hobby Lobby that I’ve used for my bullet journal. A step I didn’t do that you could, would be to wipe them down with a rag pre-paint. Either way works.

I knew I wanted to do an aesthetic floral like I did in my bujo, since I was comfortable in doing that design. I basically just went with how it was turning out, knowing that perfect would be unattainable. ha

The further I got, the more it started coming together.

It took a loooot of researching quotes to decide on which one I actually wanted to use. haha (thanks, Valena, for all your hard work in the quote search! 🙂 ha) When I decided, I planned out how I wanted the words to lay and then wrote it lightly in pencil.

Then, I used a Tombow brush pen and sharpie pen to finish it off. One thing I’m going to do that I haven’t is put some kind of sealer on it. If you have any suggestions on which kind, let me know!

And they’re done!

(ps >> an easy way to save this is to pin it straight from this post!)


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