february in review || 2020

So, February is over, y’all. And I’m pretty weirded out about that. Ha

Anyway, February was full! I can barely remember the beginning—so much happened!

  • Valentine’s Day
  • I drank a lot of yummy smoothies (thanks, Mom!)
  • had my first interview (loong story there)
  • Kennzie went to TX
  • we went to Joe’s Kansas City BBQ (aka the best bbq ever!)
  • two revivals in KS
  • I went mostly Paleo!
  • I read 8 books, my favorite being Wyatt by Susan May Warren.
  • took down Valentine’s Day decor, put up spring stuff (guys. I am SO EXCITED)
  • repotted a bunch of my plants
  • Kennzie’s 19th birthday
  • a girl’s day with some friends at the mall
  • had a gross cold for two days
  • celebrated my second blogiversary
  • tried a dirty chai (chai with espresso) and thoroughly enjoyed it
  • had a McFlurry for the first time in years
  • had typical bipolar MidWest weather haha
  • packed for a revival service in OK
  • helped watch kids for a marriage event at Bro Hilton’s church
  • discovered How Far I’ll Go by Alessia Cara—her voice is so good! I’m loving all of Disney’s remakes of the classic songs.
  • we got two flat tires due to driving through debri from a fatal car accident (and while we were getting that fixed, they noticed our brakes needed replaced)
  • got super excited for spring!!🌱☀️🌵💐⛈

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