Joe’s KC BBQ

I have lived in the Kansas City area for about 11 years now. As pretty much everyone knows, Kansas City is the BBQ capital of the world. So, I have spent the last 11 years of my life trying BBQ place after BBQ place; because us KC folks don’t just eat BBQ, we know BBQ.😂 That being said, the majority of KC dwellers will tell you that Joe’s KC BBQ (formerly known as Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ) is the best. It was actually voted best in the nation, but those from KC already knew it was.😉

It is also one of my very favorite restaurants and a hot spot for travelling foodies. If y’all are blessed enough to have one nearby or travel near one, you should definitely try it out and get the Z-Man!😉So far, I have never met someone who didn’t like it after trying it.

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