What is Love? {The Blondes with Blogs #4}

This is kind of a rambling post, so bear with me! It mostly consists of random thoughts all under the “love” category. But hopefully it makes y’all think:) If you want to read last year’s Valentine’s Day post, click here. (Although they are posting a bit later than me, you’ll be able to find Sarah’s here and Lauren’s here when they do post:)


What is love? Though it may seem surface, it’s actually quite a deep question. There are many generic and cliche answers commonly used: “God!” “trust” “strong feelings” “care and admiration” “sacrifice”. So many views and opinions are out there! But which are true?

I think it’s a combination of all those, but also more– much more. Love is why we exist. Without love there would be no marriage, no relationships, no sacrifice for others beyond ourselves, no God, no kindness, etc. Can you imagine our world without love?

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I think God did a pretty good job of describing it! haha

I am honestly struggling to capture the full meaning of love. Because you simply can’t fit love into 500 words.– It’s an action, not just a spoken promise. Love just is. It can’t be forced, it can’t be undone. Complete and perfect love is unconditional. And, I am not talking about my love for cardigans and oxfords. I’m talking about love in the real and raw form.

Love is so beautiful. Its depth can’t be passed up by any other feeling. It can’t exactly be described, either. Yet, it happens to be the #1 craved feeling. Why? Because God created us to need love–to survive and depend on both being loved and giving love. We are not robots or animals. We are humans created by Him and also loved by Him. He made us to need love almost more than oxygen. He even saved us with His love.

You simply can’t “unlove” someone, not if it’s real. You have to make a conscious decision to put yourself before them before a love can be broken. It doesn’t become injured and fragile overnight. This goes for more than just couples.– This goes for friends and family, as well. Putting them first is needed for a love that is going to last!

Let’s take a friendship, for example. There’s no way a real friendship can be formed if all we are thinking about is ourselves and what we’re gonna get out of it. That’s just not how it works! We have to consider the needs of those around us– we aren’t the only ones with struggles! We don’t love someone–truly love someone–with the mindset of “I’m just in this for what I can get out if it.” Friendship isn’t an all-take and no-give thing; it’s actually a whole lot closer to the opposite.

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Sacrifice and servant are two words that come to mind when I hear “love”. When you love someone, you sacrifice yourself to serve them when they need you. If they need prayer, you pray. If they need hugged, you hug them. If they need a listening ear, you listen. If they need a laugh, you send them some dumb gifs. (Not that I’ve done this before… haha) The point is, if they need you, be there!

It all boils down to one thing: love with your life. What better way to love someone than with the most precious gift that God has given you? Loving with our lives does not mean “love them the rest of you life”. (Although that’s good too!) It means love with your life. Use your time, your energy, to love these around you like crazy! We only have so much time to give them. But you wanna know something? The more you give of your life, the bigger your life is! Why not take advantage of this?

And, for the record, Valentine’s Day isn’t about just couples. It’s simply about love. How can we love (the action, not the feeling) those around us a little more?


19 thoughts on “What is Love? {The Blondes with Blogs #4}

  1. What, really?? I want born in Alaska and then I’ve been to wveling all over the world for 16 years and the my family finally felt called to love back here. Been living here for about 6 months. Do remember anything about here? Where exactly were you born?


  2. Yup! My dad was in the Air Force. I lived there until I turned one, but I do have have a few memories! My parents lived there a few years before I was born. I was born near Anchorage.😉 I am 16, also- when is your birthday?

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  3. Okay cool! My parents just came up in 2001 and then left when I was only three months old so I litteraly didn’t remembered anything! I’ve always been telling my friends like, “yeah I was born in Alaska!” But now I’m actually experiencing it for the first time. 🙂 living in Fl, near the big military base, I have many friends who are constantly on the move! Can I ask, are you having to switch places a lot? IK it’s super hard! Hey, I live abiut an hour outside of Anchorage! Cool! Wow, that’s so neat, mine is September 23. When I turned 16, I was like, “yay! Finally an official teenager! Poeple’ll take me seriously now!” Now after a couple months in, I see how “imiture” or how off that was lol! 😜 btw, I just have to say, every time I see ur profile pic, I am so draw into the art of it. You’re gorgeous girl! ;P and that bun is lit!

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  4. My parents were there from 1999-2003, so it would have been the same time as y’all! And, yes, I get awesome reactions whenever I tell people, too!😂 My dad actually got out of the military after we moved to Kansas in 2007. But, we lived in North Dakota, Illinois, and Missouri before we moved to Kansas. Whoah! I was born September 21st! So cool! Awe, thanks so much!😊 I actually have a recent post about my hair!😉

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  5. Oh that’s sooo neat! My parents would have been in Fairbanks though, so not in the same place but at the same time! Ha! My they’re always, “Oh woolowwwww! I’ve stayed in the same street my whole life.” “I’ve never moved anywhere….” lol! It’s hilarious! I’ve traveled to all those places on road trips across the States and Canada, so neat! How is Kansas this time of year? Ah, must be a nice break now that he’s out…at least that’s what I’ve heard from other families. 😊😁 WHAT?! 21! That’s sooo cool! So your 2 days older….seems whenever I find somone so close, they are literally ALWAYS older by a few weeks or days. Lol, I’m also shorter than everyone I know; and all my siblings are beating me in height too! 😨 at least I beat my mom’s height of 5’10 lol. Oohhh….I’ll try and find it rn… 😸


  6. I love all the similarities!😂 It’s a small world, eh? We have travelled through Canada, as well. Kansas is having an uncharacteristicly cold and long winter, so I am beyond ready for spring! Haha All my friends tend to be older than me, also. I’ve just gotten used to it.🤷🏼‍♀️😂 I’m 5’3”!- How tall are you?

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  7. Dude, what in the world?! I’m 5’3 as well….wow! These similarities…. lol so cool! Really? What part of Canada? I lived in BC for 12 years, but moved around all over the place there. How did you like it? Yeah, after FL and white beaches; -12 is quite cold man! I am not entirely ready for spring and summer, as I real,y do love the snow(p (just not shoveling an unusually lloooonnnggg driveway!) but seeing green would be nice! I have another month or two of winter and snow still…. yep, I have now seemed to always end up hanging out with 18 year olds lol. 🤷‍♀️ Keeps ya mature…at Keats that’s what they say 😏😏


  8. Haha so crazy! Well, we only travelled through Canada coming to North Dakota and Illinois. So, I don’t remember much.🤷🏼‍♀️ Yeah, our driveway is 1/4 of a mile long, so I understand! Haha we don’t even bother trying to shovel it.😂 My best friends are 17, almost 19, and early 20s. If you keep following, you’ll be sure to see more of them! 😜

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  9. Ugh! The struggles of having a mile long driveway! 🙈 okay, cool! I loved North Dakota. 🙂 yeah…Dad insists on us shoveling it so that when it warms up and then freezes we’re not slipping on ice and all that when we run the dogs or he brings his Semi Truck home. Lol okay, I really really look foreword to seeing more of your blog and about them! Do they have their own? Lol, my age groups! The only hard thing about that is that they’ll probably be married before me…


  10. Yes, having friends all over the continent! Thank you! Ha ha, already followed the lol. Thank you! Until the next time we post…


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