Tag: 50 Things that Make Me Happy

Hello, all! I have come today with a tag I received from The June Bug blog. (thanks again!) I have actually done a “my favorite things” post before, but my first list didn’t quite make it to 50. haha So, I’ll extend the list to complete the tag.😉

1. God (duh🙄)

2. A fresh notebook

3. A notebook with every page used

4. A well worn and highlighted Bible

5. Coffee

6. Disney (Disneyland VS World post)



7. A clear, starry sky in the middle of nowhere

8. The smell of sawdust

9. The smell of a campfire

10. Freshly tilled fields

11. Travel (some places I’ve gone: Chicago + California + Tulsa)

12. Road trips

13. Good books

14. Trying new things

15. Llamas

16. Dogs (large, preferably- here’s ours: Timber + Prairie)

17. Ice cream

18. Order and tidiness

19. Friends and memories



20. The country

21. Perfectly blue skies

22. Christmas time

23. Hugs

24. Over-sized, fuzzy blankets

25. Babies

26. Quaint stores

27. Cookie dough

28. Baking

29. Sticky notes

30. Kansas

31. Kansas sunsets (which are the best! No arguements.)

32. Conferences

33. Deep conversations

34. Hand-lettering

35. Music

36. The Blondes with Blogs (Love you guys!💕)

37. My twin!

38. Contacts (Y’all, I really hated glasses.😂)




39. My youth group! (You people are the best. I love you all!)

40. This blog- It’s been an awesome journey, guys!

41. Laughing

42. Family



43. Online shopping

44. Those I look up to: Bro. Jared Hilton, Bishop and Sis. Riggen, the Elders, etc.

45. KC BBQ (This place is THE best. Ever.)

46. Singing

47. Adventures in Odyssey

48. Not winter 😆 (Although, snow happens to be quite pretty!)




49. Hand-written letters

50. Classic red roses

And a whole bunch of other random stuff!😜😉


I’ll be tagging Aria HoppeLauren Bundy, and Sarah Schreckhise.😊 (Tag, you’re it, guys!😜)


17 thoughts on “Tag: 50 Things that Make Me Happy

  1. I just KNEW you’d tag us. When did you become so predictable? 😜

    I love you, Maddi! I’m so thankful for our friendship. You’re the bomb. But…slightly less explosive. Like a bomb that doesn’t work. Except you work just fine.

    I’ll just stop.😉


  2. Hahahaha Your comment made me laugh out loud! “Like a bomb that doesn’t work”- love it!😆👌🏼

    Love you much! I am so incredibly thankful for our friendship, as well! (I mean, we are freakishly similar!👀😆)❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Good! It was intended to make you laugh. 🙃

    It’s truly frightening. We share so many similarities. 😯 And the world can only handle one of each of us! -except I’m not sure it really CAN handle us. 🤔 one is deff the max though.😂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ooh, this was lovely, Maddi! Also did you just get contacts? BECAUSE YAY, THEY ARE GREAT! I got contacts last year, I think. I love your new profile pic, too! Thanks for tagging me, dear!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thanks, Aria! Yes- I’ve had them about a month now! And I LOVE THEM. Every day I get so happy that I don’t have to wear glasses! They’re like magic! Haha Awe, thanks! I like it too.😉 It was taken with an iPhone 6, so I was surprised at the quality! You’re welcome! I look forward to reading what you come up with!💜


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