Kennzie’s Birthday

It’s Kennzie’s birthday! She has now had 17 glorious years of existence:) Fun fact: She has already lived in 5 different states, including Alaska, North Dakota, Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas. The majority of those years we have lived in good ol’ Kansas. Anyway, she turned 17 today. That kind of seems impossible. It seems like yesterday we were little kids! How in the world was it that long ago that we slid down the stairs in sleeping bags while our parents napped?! Or stayed up past bedtime playing with stuffed animals? Or spent entire Saturdays creating the perfect Barbie world? Those days were the best:) Although I know when we were little it was hard on our parents, I love that we are only 19 months apart. We have always been extremely close, and I wouldn’t give that for the world! Love you, Sis! :):):):)

Me, Kennzie, and Lydia in 2012
Me and Kennzie in Florida in 2016
Me and Kennzie at Silver Dollar City in 2017


Ice skating in 2017

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