Bible Reading Routine

As of October 4, I have read the Bible four times, cover to cover. That is a satisfying feeling! Each time, I have finished it in one year or less. I use a Bible reading plan created by Bishop Riggen. His plan has 5 days of reading instead of 7 planned per week, so that it’s easy to catch up if needed. It also goes from Genesis to Revelations, so you aren’t jumping from book to book. I have found that this plan works best for me.

Although I am not perfect, I am fairly consistent at reading at least 6 days out of the week. This is mostly because I have been doing this for roughly four years and have established a routine. I can honestly say, the more you read the Bible, the more you grow to truly love it!

I have gel pens and colored pens I use to highlight and make notes, so my Bible is very colorful. Especially in Psalms.😂 Because I am nerdy and love organization, colored ink pens are just about the best thing ever. Can anybody else relate to that?😆 I also have hand-lettered all over my reading plan, as you can see in the picture above. I write the date by every verse I mark/underline, so that I can look back on all the verses that stuck out at me in certain times of my life.

I will sometimes use the app to listen to their audio drama version, if I am behind or multitasking. I typically listen to the English Standard Version. Sometimes hearing it gives me a different perspective, and I think it’s really great quality for being absolutely free.

So that’s my Bible reading routine in a nutshell. Happy Bible reading!😄


2 thoughts on “Bible Reading Routine

  1. Same! I think that I have read it about three times cover to cover. Come January, it will be my fourth, and I will also start over. Super excited to start over because every time I reread it I find new things every day!!

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