There Is {NOT} Too Many

Roughly 7 billion people- lost, dying, sick with a disease rooted in their heart, some unaware. 7 billion people, oblivious or most likely in denial of their situation, of their hopelessness and brokenness. 7 billion people walking, breathing, talking, existing with the deadliest sickness known to man- A sickness that can destroy not just your body, but demolishes your soul as well. Those aware of their condition long for a cure that they have been told their whole lives doesn’t even exist. They scream at the sky, wishing for the unseen gods, who may or may not be real, to fix their condition, heal them, and deliver them from hell on earth. 7 billion people, though they are surrounded by humans, feel as alone as if they were the only person on earth. Most deny it, others develop bitterness and depression, ultimately taking their own life before the disease can. But, the disease doesn’t stop after death- It begins. But. You, you have access to the cure. It lives within you, enough to save everyone who wants to be saved. Why won’t we share the cure? What is in us that makes us so selfish that we won’t hand out the cure freely to everyone around us?

Imagine, 7 billion people caught in the world’s largest and horrific wildfire. 7 billion. Every last one of them screaming, tortured eyes begging for release from the orange, red, and blue flames lapping at not only their skin, but their child’s skin, their spouse’s skin. And, you, you are an onlooker. But, not only are you an onlooker, you hold the power to release them from the fiery hell they are in. Because of the Holy Ghost within you, you have their ticket out of there, out of the madness the world is in. All it takes is you talking to them, telling them about Jesus, the Savior, guiding them as they call out to Him to rescue them, once and for all. How horrible would you be as, not just a person, but as a saint of God, if you didn’t do that? Why can’t we get past ourselves and just do it? just overcome our pride and complacency, and reach out to the hurting, dying souls?

Everyone’s first thought: There are too many. 7 billion people? whaaat? how? with what time? me? no way, impossible. And, you’re right- it is. There is absolutely no way we can do it.- Alone. I don’t know what god you’ve been serving, but let me remind you of the god I serve. I serve Jesus, the King of Kings, the one with all power, the one who created all 7+ billion of us, but most of all, the I AM. As Bro. Brandon Hilton said in a message recently, He is able. Let that sink in- He. Is. Able. Exceeding, abundantly, above, all that we can ask or think, He is able.

All we have to do is give our lives to Him, for His use and purpose. We have to surrender ourselves and our flesh and desires to Him, giving all of us to get more of Him. The more ashes you give to Him, the more beauty He can make from them. (I discussed beauty for ashes in this post.) Why are we withholding ourselves?

God, help us to see the lost as You do! Show us what You see when You look across the world, change our perspective. Lord, humble us to care enough for those dying in their sins, to simply tell them about You. Give us spiritual boldness, help us to use the only life you have given us. You are able!


I want to say that this post is not about me being self-righteous. At all. (I was so, so close to not even posting it, because I have so much room for improvement, but decided it was something I needed to share.) This post is about me being transparent, showing you all inside my heart. I am guilty, along with the rest of Apostolics, of these things. I am not perfect and will never be, but this is something I felt we all needed to hear, even if I was mostly writing it for my benefit. I want to be able to read this and be moved to tears at the picture I have painted with my words. But, I don’t just want to sit and cry and mope about it, I want to do something! Not just for those who have never heard the Gospel, but the backsliders who know, yet still don’t live it. They break my heart, moving me to love those around me and in my youth group just a little more. There are so many ways you can be a witness- hugging someone who is down, telling someone who is hurting that you love them, spending a little extra time in the alters with a certain young person, leaving a church card on the self-checkout at Walmart or on a table at a restaurant, being there for those around you, truly listening to someone when they spill their heart to you, sending encouraging texts when you know someone is struggling, you fill in the blanks. I pray each and every one us can get a hold of something that makes a difference in this area! He is able, so why not let God be great again?


2 thoughts on “There Is {NOT} Too Many

  1. Wow! This brought me to tears. This post makes me feel so passionately about reaching the lost. It’s so true how so many of us just sit back and watch. It’s sad, but I believe that God is waking us up…I personally have felt a wake-up call. Thank you for this amazing reminder!

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  2. It brings me to tears as well- The God thing about this was that I wrote this post yesterday morning, before our conversation! I have this post printed out and hung in my room- I don’t want to lose this from my focus!


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