More Than Just a Number

One of a human’s first instincts is to look at the number of people attending your church, and think that defines your “success”as a soul winner of God. While the fact that you have X amount of people come every Sunday is awesome, that isn’t what matters most. What matters is if you are properly winning people to God. Are these people being changed by God into something He can use? Are they truly seeking God and His will and growing in Him? Are they themselves becoming disciples for Him? Or are they really just a number?

This quote means a lot to me, because my dad pastors a home-missions church. Having only a few people attend your church every service can be discouraging. But, as me and my family are learning, adding people to the church isn’t always how God grows a church. As long as the people that do come are growing in Him, your church is experiencing growth. Maybe not in number, but growth nonetheless.😃

I hope this is an encouragement to any home-missions pastor’s families that happen to read this. We are in this together! God has big plans for every Apostolic home-missions church out there, even if we can’t see it yet!


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