diy iphone aesthetics || tutorial

Most of you all have probably seen the trend going around to customize your iPhone, and I’m imagining that a lot of you already are doing it! It’s super fun to be able to make your phone look you and to change things up. If you haven’t already done it, this post is for you! At first, it can be time consuming. But once you’ve done it the first time, it’s pretty easy to switch up. Also, there’s a popup every time you open the app. Which can be annoying, but I love the look enough that it doesn’t bother me too much.

STEP ONE: Open the Shortcuts app and click the plus button.

STEP TWO: Click “Open App.”

STEP THREE: Click “app,” and then select which app you want to customize.

STEP FOUR: Name the app. This is also where you can get creative. I have mine all lowercase, but you can also do all uppercase, emojis, etc.

STEP FIVE: Click on the blue circle that I circled.

STEP SIX: Click on “add to home screen.”

STEP SEVEN: Click on the blue square.

STEP EIGHT: The three options will pop up. Choose “choose photo,” then choose your photo. To find great icons, simply Google “minimalist app store icon” or whatever you’re looking for, then save the image. There are an insane amount of options. I like going with a neutral look for the icons, so that it’s way easier to switch up. If it’s neutral, all you have to change are the backgrounds and widgets.

STEP NINE: Decide your aesthetic! I use Pinterest, and I start with a background to base everything off of.

STEP TEN: I use Color Widget and Widgetsmith to add more flair. I’ll add quotes and aesthetic pictures to the widgets to pull everything together.

And you’re all finished! Here is what mine looks like currently:


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