We. Are. It.

Some of you may have already seen this, some haven’t. The post I’ve written today is geared for Apostolics within the 16-20 age range. All can read and benefit, though!


We have all spent our early teen years not as involved as we could have been, not as in love with Him as we could have been. We relied so heavily on the older, more seasoned youth. They were the ones to push the service, push revival, and push for a greater love of God. We reaped all the benefits of the older ones– We weren’t required to push, sacrifice, and drain ourselves in order to have a move of God. They did it for us.

When times got tough for us, we always had the older youth to make sure God was still moving in our services and youth group. If a service wasn’t for us, we could “chill” and no one was effected. We weren’t concerned about the future of our generation, because we weren’t the ones with the responsibility of making sure we all made it, of keeping our faith from being watered down. We weren’t concerned with 24/7 walks with God, because we had the older ones to fill in where we slacked.

Now? When a conference rolls around and the spirit isn’t moving like it should, we are the ones who lay on our faces during pre-service prayer, begging God for a move of Him. Now? When a song-service is dead, we are the ones who muster up the energy to worship Him like He deserves. Now? When the message isn’t exactly for you, you have to drain yourself in responding anyway, encouraging the younger ones to receive what they need. Now? There are no “slacking days”. Again, the youth under us are watching– it’s up to us to show them how to live for Him. Now? We are the ones who choose and direct the path of our youth groups. We are the ones who decide if we’ll be unconventional in our worship and sensitive to His will. Now? We don’t have the older ones– We ARE the older ones.

Right now, we have many elders, preachers, and seasoned saints of God who are carrying the torch, showing us the way and leading us in the right paths. But, we are the next generation.– We will be the next preachers, pastors, missionaries, evangelists, Sunday school teachers, prayer warriors, etc. Our generation will one day BE the elders. The current elders before us won’t be here forever. And the thought terrifies me.

If we can’t lead our youth group now, how are we going to lead an entire world of people? Who is going to take the lead and guide us in His way, the old paths? The younger ones sure aren’t! So, our job is to learn to lead now, so that we can lead later when it is detrimental to the survival of the Church. We need to take ownership of this! This isn’t the youth before us’ job– We. Are. It. Let’s act like it!


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