Visiting Wisconsin

Hello, all! It’s been a beautiful spring day so far–blue skies, warm air, and dandelions covering our green front yard. I am seriously loving this. haha I mentioned in my last post that my family went to Wisconsin for a weekend recently, and I also promised a post about it. So here it is!😉

Ok, so I know the majority of you have no idea who the Pearson’s are, so I’ll explain: Since my dad was in the military when I was little, we moved around quite a bit. We went from Alaska to North Dakota to Illinois to Missouri to Kansas–all before I turned 6. When we moved to North Dakota, I had just had my 1st birthday. When we left, I was not yet 3. So, we weren’t there very long. But, it was plenty of time to establish some wonderful life-long friendships! Our dear North Dakota friends will always hold a special place in our hearts.❤️

One of the main families we connected with were the Pearson’s, elder and younger. (I’ll refer to the elder as “Grandma and Grandpa Pearson” and the younger as “Brother and Sister Pearson from now on.) We remain close to them even to this day. Which is why, when Bro. and Sis. Pearson and their son, Garret, moved to Wisconsin to take a church, we went to visit them.

My family had so much fun during our stay with the Pearson’s! They were very hospitable, and we felt so comfortable and welcome. We did some sight-seeing in Milwaukee and a couple other places, mainly adorable, local coffee shops. I thoroughly enjoyed the coffee shops–y’all know how I love coffee! haha Though we’ve considered them family for a long time now, we still managed to deepen our friendship even more while we were there. We love the Pearson’s!

Kickapoo coffee was my favorite!
another of Garret’s pictures– so beautiful!

They took us to a lighthouse that was stunning! The waters surrounding it looked very much like the ocean, so you can imagine how beautiful it was.

This was a taco truck we went to. The food was fabulous! The location was not-so-fabulous, but it was seriously the best tacos any of us had ever had! We’ve been craving them ever since. haha So yummy!

This was us in downtown Milwaukee. Well, everyone except Sis. Pearson, who was taking the picture.😜

And, in conclusion, this fantastic picture of us laser-tagging! hahaUs being me, Kennzie, Lydia, Garret, and some others from their church. This was such a blast, guys! (As Garret said after every. single. game, unintentionally. haha) I believe we played 5 games. We were exhausted when we were finished. Afterwards, we headed to Taco Bell and fed our starving bellies. By the time we made it back to the church (where we were staying in the living quarters), it was after midnight. Then we cleaned the church, and finally got into bed at close to 2 am.😵 It was worth the exhaustion though! haha

We really enjoyed our time in Wisconsin, and are looking forward to visiting again someday! 😁

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