This Silent Holocaust {The Blondes with Blogs #5}

This is the long-awaited post #5 with The Blondes with Blogs! (Yes, I know we never finished #4, due to life getting in the way, but there are still intentions to complete it.😉) Sarah’s sitting this one out, but you can find Lauren’s here.

Have you heard? Over 61,000,000 people, murdered. In our very own country, 61,000,000 have been murdered with not one person found guilty. World-wide, the death count is up to 1,529,682,225 and still growing as I type. It’s horrendous. Shocking. And eerily Holocaust-like. Who’s the target? Pregnant young women. They and their unborn babies are being brutally murdered by their supposed “choice”. In reality, they don’t have a real choice at all.

I am sure most of you have guessed what I’m talking about by now. If you haven’t, I’ll tell you: abortion. This entire world is suffering from the cruelty of their modern day Hilter–abortion and all of it’s supporters.

“It’s my body.”

“They aren’t even a human until birth–just a mass of cells.”

“It’s for the mother’s health.”

“It’s my right.”

“It’s better for the baby.”

All of the above are arguments that pro-abortion people have used, in some form or fashion. All of the above also happen to be pointless statements. Here’s why:

“It’s my body.”

No, it isn’t. It’s God’s. He created every person on this planet–we are His. Those of you non-christians out there are probably arguing that “God doesn’t even exist; it most definitely IS my body.” And, I still will argue that it isn’t. Even from a purely atheist view, it still is not your body. It’s the baby’s inside of you. That baby IS alive and IS a human. You can’t make the decision for someone else about whether they live or not. Even if it does “make your life more convenient”.


“They aren’t even a human until birth–just a mass of cells.”

Wrong. They ARE a human. The baby literally has a heartbeat after just 6 weeks. How could it not be a live person yet? And even if they weren’t, how could you, with a clean conscience, stop the process of a person having life? That, in definition, is still murder.

“It’s better for the baby.”

Um. No. I don’t care what situation the child would be born into, it still doesn’t warrant their murder. Should we go into every abusive situation and murder the one being abused? Absolutely not! Everyone, no matter their world-view, will agree that that is evil and horrible and won’t solve the problem. The correct thing to do would be to fix the one abusing- put him or her in prison or something of the like. Same with babies who will be born into bad homes. Change the home. Whether through turning your life around (hopefully though Jesus) or by giving it up for adoption. Remember: killing the abusee is never the right choice.

“It’s my right.”

Actually, no. Killing a fellow human for your convenience is NOT “your right”. Hello! When is murder ever someone’s “right”?! Again, this is not your body we are talking about- it’s someone else’s entirely.

“It’s for the mother’s health.”

I don’t believe this is a legit argument. Less than 1% of abortions are for the mother’s health. And even in that less-than-1%, I am sure it wasn’t as deadly as they made it out to be. Plus, God will take care of all who find themselves in that situation, anyway.🤷🏼‍♀️


It’s breathtakingly horrible. How has America’s culture changed so much that this has become okay? Smiled upon, even. Doesn’t anyone remember what our country was founded on? It was founded on God and His truths. Abortion is not part of that. (Neither are a lot of other things that are going on, but we’ll save that for other posts.)

God forbid the Christians out there who are pro-abortion. How can you call yourselves a Christian if you agree with murderers? If you rally with them, supporting all they do and say? Or if you are one of them? Murder is never Christ-like. Therefore, if you choose to abort your baby or support those that do, you are most definitely not a Christian. End of discussion.

My heart is heavy for every single baby who wasn’t given the chance to live. And I hope yours is too.

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