Honduras 2019 || part 5

Day 8, May 30th

We had the privilege of going to the La Ceiba mall and eating Cinnabon on Thursday afternoon. Thursday night, we had their midweek service. Both events were great! Although, I did prefer the service.😉

Josiah and Lydia weren’t able to go with us to the mall due to school, but we managed to have fun without them.😜 We mainly walked around, ate Cinnabon, drank Espresso Americano, people watched, and tried to exchange our American dollars for Honduran Lempiras. (key word is tried) It wasn’t extremely eventful, but we did have fun! haha

When we got back, we played Quelf, which was quite interesting.🤭 We all completed some odd “dares” or “challenges” (whatever you want to call them) that happened to be pretty hilarious! Our crazy showed just a little bit more while we played.😜

At service that night, it started out with a fight. We could very clearly feel the devil attacking us and trying to stop a move of God. After a while of binding together in prayer, it finally broke and such a sweet spirit of God filled the room. The whole song service, I was just weeping in His presence. Hearing the entire sanctuary be full of Spanish voices praising God was such a beautiful thing; even though I didn’t know what they were saying, I could feel their love for God and their hunger for more. Being a part of the services in Honduras was such an honor!

After church, we headed home on their church bus, PKs sitting together, of course. haha We were all pretty much inseparable.🤷🏼‍♀️ At one point during the ride, I was sitting on Sarah’s lap while we had one of the guys (I am blanking on which one right now.) attempt to get a good picture of us. It failed.🤦🏼‍♀️😆 They all turned out blurry or with us making odd facial expressions. (Now that I think about it, maybe it was Bro. Blurry…🤭😆)


Day 9, May 31st

Friday, after school, the guys went to the church to work, and the girls had a giant cooking party! It got pretty crazy there for a while.🤭 We were making homemade apple pie, chocolate cookie dough cake, and Honduran cheese sticks. Oh, and dinner right after that. And if anyone has ever made an apple pie from scratch, you know how massive a mess it makes. Heavens, that kitchen was a wreck!

During school, me, Sarah, and Kesler played around 3-4 games of Clue and one game of Phase 10. Sarah’s way of shuffling was to dump all the cards on the table and hand mix them.👀 Thank goodness she decided to only do that once! haha I would have had to make an intervention or something.😬😆

It was funny to get us all playing games together, because we all had different ways we played the games. I think we ended up caving to the Schreckhise’s way every time, but it definitely felt odd playing a different way than normal! haha

By the end of the day, Kennzie had a broken toe, and we all had quite a few hilarious stories. Sarah even wrote a song based off our experiences that night!😆 #bd #insidejokes

to be continued…

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