Honduras 2019 || part 6

Day 10, June 1st

Saturday was “Sunday school” (a bit ironic haha), which I actually really enjoyed. Seeing all the little kids running around and singing Spanish Sunday school songs made my heart smile. I got about one million hugs and exclamations over my long braids. It was adorable! I even had one girl grab my braid as I was walking by that had to be persuaded to let go. haha

Ahh these kiddos were too cute!😍 They all loved being held, and I took advantage of that. haha

Day 11, June 2nd

And, of course, Sunday was church. We had a good service and ended the day at the same restaurant as the Sunday before. The chips and beans there are so yummy!👌🏻 Despite the flaming toilet paper roll that was keeping it hot.🤭

Day 12, June 3rd

Monday was hard, because it was the last full day. We spent the whole day trying to not be depressed about the visit ending.😆

We ate baleadas at a little shop in town, and had a homeless lady come in and steal the rest of Kennzie’s food. We all sat in shock for a minute then died laughing at the absurdity. It was SO funny, y’all!😆

Then, we went to a souvenir shop and loaded up on stuff to take home for our families, and we also went to Walmart. Their Walmart wasn’t exactly like one you’d see in the US; it sold mainly hispanic products and the setup was a bit different. But it still reminded us of home!

Long story short, we went to their grocery store and loaded up on three containers of ice cream, marshmallows, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, cherries, and I think chocolate chips. It was a sugar overload, to say the least! haha We got cookies and cream, pistachio, and strawberry. I enjoyed all three!

Because of some protesting in the country (The protesting is a story all on it’s own!), we had to go to San Pedro the night before our flights and stay the night at a hotel. Which ended up being super fun! We ate at the mall in San Pedro and went to their version of Goodwill, Megapaca. (Although, Megapaca is better and nicer than Goodwill, in my opinion.) Our group spotted some interesting things and had fun imaging who owned it and why. (We literally found an old father-son picture for sale.😆)

At the hotel, us girls got a room of four beds (with AC!) to ourselves and planned to stay up once we were sent to our room but unanimously agreed to go straight to sleep; we were exhausted! haha And, we had to be ready to leave at 5:30 am so that we could get to the airport before the protesters took the road. (We made it just before they took the road! They were literally all there and lining the streets to take it when we passed through.)

Before everyone went to their rooms, we played Would You Rather? by the outdoor poolside, and it was so fun! Hearing both the questions and the answers was hilarious. “Would you rather age only from the neck up or the neck down?”😆

to be continued…

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