the conferences || 2021

This summer was oh so much better than 2020’s! For many reasons, but mostly because we had Heritage and ADMIT this year! I was incredibly excited for the chance to back at our normal summer events. They’re always the highlight of my year, and I always, always have an amazing time. Heritage 2021 did not […]



Never will I understand why a young person leaves the church. “Oh, of course not,” you say “because you’re a PK and nothing bad enough has ever happened to you. You just don’t understand how hard my life is.” Honey, you’re incorrect about my life being “easy.” And you’re also incorrect to assume that “having […]

here’s the update

Hello, all! Long time no talk. I had all these visions of the great blogging material I’d get from moving across the country so rapidly…alas, that did not happen. ha It ended up being wayy too chaotic for anything other than the actual move. So! Anyway. Here I am. Not sure how often I’ll be […]

top ten on my playlist || worship

Hello, all! It’s been ages since I’ve shared my favorite songs, so I decided to do a series of posts. I have several playlists through Apple Music, and I want to give you my top ten of each. Today’s ten will be from my worship playlist, in no particular order. Let me know in the […]