the conferences || 2021

This summer was oh so much better than 2020’s! For many reasons, but mostly because we had Heritage and ADMIT this year! I was incredibly excited for the chance to back at our normal summer events. They’re always the highlight of my year, and I always, always have an amazing time. Heritage 2021 did not […]

what’s been up

Hey, everyone! It’s been forever since I’ve mentioned my recent life happenings, so I’m going to fill this post with all the random events that I never got around to posting. 🙂 We helped with the Truth Conference booth at Old Settlers, a local fair. It was a long, hot day, but we survived! 😉 […]

a.d.m.i.t. 2019

Wow, this year of ADMIT (Apostolics Developing Ministers In Training) was incredible. Mainly, the services–this year the PKs 12+ got to be a part of the minister’s sessions at night. I am SO thankful we had the opportunity to do this! There is no way I could describe the depth and uniqueness of the services, […]

I’m Back!

Guys, it feels like it has been forever. I’ve missed y’all. haha Wow. A lot has happened in the last two-three weeks. We have been out of town every weekend for the past three weeks, Easter is on Sunday, and we have a wedding to attend and a campout for my dad and brother to […]

A Tulsa Weekend

Just a warning, but this will be a long post. There were too many things I just couldn’t leave out. haha Have I ever told y’all how much I love my youth group? They are seriously the best.❤️ Four months had gone by without seeing them, and that was just too long.😝 So, this trip