the conferences || 2021

This summer was oh so much better than 2020’s! For many reasons, but mostly because we had Heritage and ADMIT this year! I was incredibly excited for the chance to back at our normal summer events. They’re always the highlight of my year, and I always, always have an amazing time. Heritage 2021 did not […]

you be you

Life is weird, y’all. (I’m positive that no one’s going to disagree with me on that one. ha) People are also weird. And when you have 7 billion weird people living weird lives, it gets pretty…weird. So why is there this insane pressure to be what “everyone else” defines as normal and fantastic? The truth […]

sunshine blogger award

Hello, everyone! I was nominated for this award by Cassia from 🙂 Here’s how this works: Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog. Answer the 11 questions given to you. Nominate 11 other bloggers and write them 11 new questions. List the rules and display the sunshine blogger award […]

what’s been up

Hey, everyone! It’s been forever since I’ve mentioned my recent life happenings, so I’m going to fill this post with all the random events that I never got around to posting. 🙂 We helped with the Truth Conference booth at Old Settlers, a local fair. It was a long, hot day, but we survived! 😉 […]

starbucks fail

Just so y’all know, I’m probably going to be putting out some shorter and/or random posts, because life isn’t slowing down. And it takes everything I got just to focus on breathing. So, enjoy.😆 This happened the other day, and it cracked us up so much! They say: Madisson instead of Maddison, Kinzy instead of […]