Honduras 2019 || part 6

Day 10, June 1st Saturday was “Sunday school” (a bit ironic haha), which I actually really enjoyed. Seeing all the little kids running around and singing Spanish Sunday school songs made my heart smile. I got about one million hugs and exclamations over my long braids. It was adorable! I even had one girl grab […]

Honduras 2019 || part 5

Day 8, May 30th We had the privilege of going to the La Ceiba mall and eating Cinnabon on Thursday afternoon. Thursday night, we had their midweek service. Both events were great! Although, I did prefer the service.😉 Josiah and Lydia weren’t able to go with us to the mall due to school, but we […]

Honduras 2019 || part 4

Day 6, May 28th Tuesday, we spent time working and cleaning at the church. We got to hear Charity sing a special and testify while we cleaned the bathrooms, which was absolutely hysterical. We love you, Charity!! I had French braided my hair, as well as Lydia’s and Charity’s, so we got a few pictures […]

Honduras 2019 || part 3

Day 4, May 26th Sunday was the last day of youth camp, and we ended the day at a local restaurant with Bro Roman and the Schreckhise’s. Some hilarious stories were told (Bro Roman’s, specifically), people became furious (Josiah and Kesler, specifically), and we all-in-all had such a good time of fellowship (all of us, […]

Honduras 2019 || part 2

Day 2, May 24th We woke up to the sound of roosters and Charity “getting something from our room”. haha Miss Charity was adorable- she reminded me so much of Kate! We got along great.😉 Then, we ate breakfast, got a tour of their house, and headed to the campground. We got the opportunity to […]