February: the Month of Love

Guys, I can’t believe it’s already February. Also, I think I say that every month.😂 But seriously! This part of my life seems like it’s going by so fast. I’m loving it though. I have wonderful friends, a wonderful blog, and wonderful things to look forward to this coming conference season! Let’s talk about that for […]

Life Lately 

Summer is seriously flying by! I can not believe the only conference we have left this year is Holiness. It is bittersweet. Mostly bitter, but a little bit of sweet, because we get a break and full night’s sleep!😂 Conferences are definitely exhausting. Nontheless, I am

Already August

It’s August! I can’t believe summer is almost over!😱 As I have said before, summers are crazy for us. We call it “conference season”.😂 I love conference season! Despite the busyness, it is my favorite time of year. (If you don’t know what I mean by “conferences”, check out this post.) Let’s just pray we’ll survive […]