the enneagram + the basics

Hello everyone! I think most people have heard of the Enneagram, but I haven’t talked about it much (if at all) here. My family and I hadn’t heard much at all about it until Christmas 2019, when my dad’s family introduced us. They had us take the test, and we all responded differently to our results. I immediately knew mine was accurate, and I’ll never forget the moment it all hit me (1). Kennzie knew hers was accurate (7), Dad had tested wrong, and Mom was hesitant in claiming the results she was given. My mom immediately put several books on hold at our library, intrigued but not committed. About the time we were able to check the books out and sit down with them, Covid hit…which means quarantine…which means we were quarantined with a stack of Enneagram books for months. haha

During that time, we spent hours and hours dissecting the books and doing research. Dad finally typed correctly (7), we figured out Lydia’s type (4), and Mom eventually claimed her type. (fittingly, she was a 5 and needed to research it first haha) It wasn’t long before we were all obsessed. We listened to innumerable podcasts and read every book we could get out hands on. Start a conversation with any one of us about it, and you’ll see us light up. We are always, always silently typing someone and have a surprisingly good accuracy rate.

That all being said, it is odd that I haven’t brought the topic here! It’s something that has helped my family so much, made us so self aware, and grown us immensely in our EQ (emotional intelligence). We now hold the language and words for everything happening inside of us, and have a growth path for overcoming our weaknesses with God. The Enneagram is not a fluffy, feel-good test. It’s something that exposes all the yucky parts of you that you’d rather not own up to. Yet it doesn’t stop there! There are clear paths for growth and for overcoming your unique struggles. It also celebrates your unique strengths and identifies where you fit in when it comes to contributing to the world around you.

One of my favorite things about the Enneagram is that it’s so very dynamic. It gives an explanation for why you suddenly feel like a different person when stressed or on vacation and why your personality “changes” over time. (it doesn’t–you’re just seeing different parts shine at different times!) The Enneagram will only be as helpful as you let it. If you’re half-hearted and don’t seek more information, you’ll get the results of your efforts. Which is totally okay! But if you’re willing to put effort in becoming your best self and being aware of others and yourself, then you will absolutely reap amazing benefits from your investment!

I plan on doing several more Enneagram posts, because there’s no way I could put everything in one post. I’ll be sharing my favorite resources, neatest discoveries, etc. If you have any suggestions, drop a comment! Also, if you know your type, put that in the comments too! I’d love to know what everyone is. 😁


2 thoughts on “the enneagram + the basics

  1. Ooh, I look forward to more Enneagram post! Most people I know who are interested in personality typing are interested more in MBTI stuff, so I’m excited to hear your perspective.


  2. Yes, I feel like MBTI is more popular but also more complicated + less dynamic! There’s so many letters and numbers, I could never remember them all. Ha I plan on doing resource posts and also dig deeper into each type! I’m quite excited🤩

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