here’s the update

Hello, all! Long time no talk. I had all these visions of the great blogging material I’d get from moving across the country so rapidly…alas, that did not happen. ha It ended up being wayy too chaotic for anything other than the actual move.

So! Anyway. Here I am. Not sure how often I’ll be blogging, as it’s still quite crazy around here. But I did want to drop in and let y’all know that I’m still alive! It’s been a crazy journey, and I’ve missed blogging and the blogging community! Hopefully I can get back to a routine and rejoin it. 😉

As for an update, we have officially moved to Mississippi! We are far from being “settled in,” but we’re here. Ha All of our boxes are in U-Haul pods where we don’t have access, until we can have a place to deliver them. (Update: we got them finally!) Our housing plans were nonexistent until about three week ago, so that’s been crazy to say the least. We finally have an answer to that, which I’ll share later!

It’s been a culture shock for certain, and we are missing the Midwest big time. Yet, at the same time, it’s been fun to explore all the differences! We’re finding the places and things we DO enjoy, and eventually I know we’ll love it. I just wish I were more of a seafood person, because it’s served EvErYwhere!🦞 Catfish is the equivalent of chicken strips in the Midwest. At some point, I want to do a post on the southern places and foods we are liking!

Here are some pictures of the past few weeks!


15 thoughts on “here’s the update

  1. It’s been a journey! Ha I have been having a lot of fun, even amidst the circumstances. Things are looking up, and I’m so so excited for Heritage!! Thanks for the comment, Hannah! Love and miss you too!! Can’t believe it’s been so longgg!

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  2. I’m a social one with people I know 😂 Aside from that, it’s not my favorite thing to talk to a bunch of people the whole week 🤪😵‍💫
    But yes, the services are 🔥🙌🏼 I’m def excited for that 😄


  3. Hi! My name is Miranda Maddox and I’m an apostolic/pentecostal from Cali. I found your blog from a church friend and I thought yay more blogs to read!! Haha. But I just wanna say I enjoy your posts so far! They’re so random and fun 🤩 keep it up girl!


  4. I’m so glad your move went well (moving across the country would be crazy, I can’t even imagine!) and that you’re settling in well!


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