finally a conference!!

Guys, I actually got to go to a conference! Albeit, a mini one.

I am so grateful to the Dudley’s for making this happen! It was so incredible to be surrounded (socially distanced, of course ha) by likeminded young people, worshipping God. It was beautiful and refreshing, and I’m SO excited for the next event!

Bro Avery and his son, from Kentucky, preached. It was a Friday night service with food afterwards, then a Saturday service with a lock-in after! I had a blast, and it was so great to be social again.

Loved getting to know Anna better! and meeting all the new people! I love love meeting people, so this was a treat after so long of not seeing anyone new. I also was able to meet a reader, which was super neat!! I wish I would have thought to get a picture, but alas, did not.

This game was hilarious. Our team and the competing team were extremely competitive and loud and crazy. Definitely more than any other teams! Yet, our score still ended up being 0-0. ha!

All-in-all, it was fantastic! I wish I’d gotten more pictures!


10 thoughts on “finally a conference!!

  1. I’m glad you had a great time! When you said Dudley I was immediately reminded of Harry Potter haha. I’m so jealous that you get to meet new people, I’m still stuck at home for the week, but after that we’re allowed to go out again :))


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