and it went like this || part one

I don’t think anyone will argue with me when I say that 2020 had the most unexpected events ever. From day 1, to day 366. It was crazy. There’s so many contradictions on whether we should look at 2020 with a glass half-full or a glass half-empty perspective. But the reality is, while there were some really awesome moments…it was pretty horrible overall.

But this post, I want to go through and record what my year looked like as a whole. From January 1-December 31st. (This one’s mostly for myself, but I hope you enjoy it, too!)


This was the process of fixing our broken pipes.

While we definitely started out the year with grand hopes, we didn’t actually have the greatest beginning. On New Year’s Eve, some pipes from our well to our house broke, leaving us without water. It was an expensive and dramatic week, ending with us all smelling strongly of bleach. (long story) So anyway, sorry we didn’t warn everyone that 2020 was going to be awful. haha

We did discover Orange Vanilla Coke, and that was a plus! haha We did many Dollar General runs over the course of the year–mostly during lockdown. We’d get Slim Jim’s and Cokes and whatever else looked good in the checkout aisle. The combination will always be nostalgic to me now!

Dad had also been asked to preach at a couple different churches, so we road-tripped some. The Flint Hills are gorgeous, y’all! I wish photos would do them justice. Nothing beats a Kansas drive–especially if you include a sunset.


This isn’t specific to February, but we were introduced to the game Dutch Blitz by some close friends of ours–and, guys!! It’s so fun! We went through a phase where this was all we played.

We had a girl’s day at some point, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! These girls are some of my favs! ❤

So let’s just say, we visited a hotel that was…less than stellar. *cough* It certainly was an adventure and created plenty of memories though! haha


By the time March rolled around, we were beyond ready for spring! I looove spring and summer, so seeing this picture makes me smile.

I honestly can’t remember why I decided to download Emoji Blitz, because I’m not really into games on my phone. But, I ended up liking it way more than I thought I would! haha Probably mostly because I’m a huge Disney fan. I just really felt like this deserved a special mention, since I’ve never played a game on my phone this long. ha!

This doesn’t need aannyy words. Everyone that was alive last year knows what’s going on here. 😆 We played so many puzzles that I have PTSD. I seriously don’t know if I’ll ever be able to put one together again. haha Quarantine for us wasn’t super horrible though. Dad, thankfully, was able to work throughout the whole lockdown. It was just super super frustrating that our restaurants and churches weren’t open. While I know God gave us the grace to have online services, I never ever want to do that again!! The physical house of God holds way too much significance.

We made batch after batch after batch of these gluten-free chocolate chip cookies–not necessarily healthy, but amazing nonetheless.


April started all the Zoom calls for us. We were able to attend a virtual conference, and I’m so grateful that we had that opportunity! We also (Kennzie and I) were added to a fun group chat with girls across the US and beyond! (four missionary’s daughters were on there, one from Lebanon, one from South Africa, and two from Honduras) Three of the girls, I’d never met before. It was a really awesome and fun way to 1) pass time and make quarantine more enjoyable 2) meet new people, albeit virtually. We all still talk almost everyday, and I’ve grown to love these girls! Hopefully we’ll have the chance to meet someday. ❤

April felt so looonggg. Everyday seemed like it was the same as the one before, so it was weird. There was innumerable hours of us just sitting in the living room, discussing any and everything–usually with coffee in our hands. I will forever cherish these memories!

The #1 topic of the year was undoubtably the Enneagram!! Wow, we’ve invested in this. ha We were luckily stuck with a few books from the library (when ours shut down, we were allowed to keep the books we’d already had checked out until they reopened.), so one of them was open at all times. If you haven’t taken the test, you should! It doesn’t click with everyone at first, I know. But it’s the most accurate test I’ve ever taken, and I’ve taken a lot. I don’t know what to tell you to make it click with you like it did us, other than be completely open with yourself and be prepared for a LOT of self-reflection. The Enneagram is a tool for growth, not just a cool thing to show your friends. (although it’s that too!)

Our family’s types are:

  • Dad> 7w8
  • Mom> 5w6
  • Kennzie> 7w6
  • Me> 1w9
  • Lydia> 4w5
  • Brayden> 8w7
  • Kate> 6w5

Some of our favorite resources are:

  1. the test
  2. The Road Back to You
  3. The Enneagram & You
  4. What’s Your Enneatype?
  5. Your Enneagram Coach podcast
  6. Pinterest


All things plants and garden were happening in May–don’t mind the fact that we have black thumbs when it comes to growing things from seeds.

We also got to attend a very small, social-distanced church service for the first time since March!! Our entire family got to come, so it was awesome. There were a couple drive-in services we went to, as well.

We spent hours everyday outside during quarantine, and I got the darkest I’ve ever been. Oddly enough, even though I’m fair-complected, I tan. It’s just usually not a ton, because I’m not an outdoorsy person. 2020 was different though! ha Almost every day, we’d take a walk around our property. Usually, we’d time it around sunset, and we’d be rewarded with a stunning show. The temperature would be perfect, and the wildflowers (and giant spiderwebs) abundant. I’m so ready for it to get warm enough to start this back up! We also had many storms and rainy days, which was honestly so fun. If it wasn’t dangerous, we’d sit outside and watch. One time in particular, we got soaked. It was hilarious.

I had forgotten all about these amazing things until I saw the picture! These were delicious and happy! Perfect combination. All it actually is, is cinnamon rolls with sprinkles. I think it’s funny that I made these in May, because me and Mom also went strict Paleo for 30 days around that time. Which was fantastic! I wish I would have kept with that eating style more; I really did enjoy it. I still limit gluten and sugars, but I need to tighten my diet more!

Another highlight of May, was that me and one of the girl’s on our group chat, Valena, decided to start writing letters! We both are old-souls and love creativity, so it was perfect! I’ve really enjoyed writing and receiving all the letters we’ve written (8 from me, 7 from her). It’s extra fun since we’ve never even met! ha

With all the downtime, we had the chance to go through old picture albums. I love love going through old pictures! It brings back so many memories, and it’s hilarious to compare then to now; all the ways we’ve changed, and all the ways we have not. ha

2020 was also definitely the year of the potatoes. If you didn’t know, I love potatoes! Any shape and form, it’s addictive. Since potatoes were one of the main foods we could eat during our Paleo eating, we ate a lot. Our cast-iron skillets got used often, and our tastebuds were happy.

I think this was one of the first in-person services we attended. It felt soo nice to dress up and actually be there!

By now, all our summer events had been cancelled. It was horrible! It was also really funny to watch as they crossed everything off, one by one. I’m thrilled for the next conference I get to go to, whenever that is!!

Wow, May had a lot going on.

Dad turned 40 on the 21st, and we went allll out! We decorated the entire living room and kitchen, had Dino cake plates and everything. I’d been planning with his family to have a surprise Zoom call with them, so he could open their surprise gift while they watched. Best of all, he didn’t know we had any of it planned until he walked in the door from work! (Why does everything I’m saying sound soo 7??)

We went on another road trip, to I can’t remember where. I think it was Hutchison, KS.

And we went and ate at our first post-covid restaurant!! It was almost magical, walking in and eating fries in the actual building. Wow, it’s definitely the little things that matter. ha!

We got to see the Stewart’s!! We hadn’t seen them since August, when they moved to Africa.

And I *think* that concludes May.


5 thoughts on “and it went like this || part one

  1. Yay!! I do enjoyed this blog post, friend. I enjoyed seeing the pictures and reliving some of the moments. 😂 Love you lots and I can’t wait to read the rest of the recap! 😁♥️


  2. Wow! Great post! It’s been so nice “meeting” y’all this year❤️❤️And hopefully we will all meet one day😂…at that special event😂😉


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