christmas bedroom decor || 2020

I. love. Christmas. It’s by far my favorite holiday (even though it’s in my least favorite season!), and decorating every year is one of the best parts! We decided to decorate early this year, because we were all too excited to wait. For my room, I used as many strings of lights that I could find! The results are an ultra cozy and almost magical overall vibe.

Almost all of my decorations, I bought in the Target dollar bin on major after-season clearance. I just snagged a bunch of random things and pulled it together later. The evergreen is just so pretty up against the white and all the lights.✨

And that’s it! I hope you all were inspired by how I decorated this year!


14 thoughts on “christmas bedroom decor || 2020

  1. I adore the overall look and feel of your room! It’s so effortlessly cosy and just plant heaven! I’m currently in the process of redoing my bedroom to fit a bohemian theme and am loving picking out new greenery. I was more into a Scandinavian style a couple of years ago so opted for dried flowers but now I’m doing a new thing! I picked up a vase that resembles a bust and filled it with soil to the top, then added a succulent and leafy plant. I could never stand the plastic ones! I really like my version because it reminds me of the way we thrive when we prioritise self care and love. That’s probably confusing but the bust is in a shape of a lady and just so detailed! She’s even got hair and everything, hahah. Other than that I have a fiddle leaf fig tree! I’ve heard they’re pretty hard to take care of but I’m sure I’ll do okay with a schedule.


  2. Awe, thank you so much!☺️ I love both the bohemian and Scandinavian looks! And that vase idea is really neat! I’m on a current search for low-light plants for those tricky places in my room. So excited for spring to come here and farmer’s markets to open again!🌿🌷

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  3. Yes, I totally get that! It can be difficult to find the right places for different areas of your room where the light conditions vary. There is a great indoor range though so it makes the job a lot easier! x


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