blogging 201

Hi! Today, I’ll be sharing some tips I’ve learned over the past 200 blog posts. (Yes, 200. Crazy.) Any blogger knows that the more time and experience you have, the better you’ll get! And I’ve grown tremendously since I first started this over two years ago. Here are the things I’ve learned since Blogging 101:


This is probably one of the hardest things when it comes to blogging. I’ve been blogging for over two years and have yet to get a tight grasp on my “flow.” But, make this a journey. Your blog will change as you change, and also as your audience and the world around you changes. Figure out which writing style you like best, what topics you want to be associated with, and what your overall vibe is. Experiment with different ways of doing things, and see how you like it!


Photos are such a tricky thing if you aren’t already a photographer and/or have a nice camera. It seems you have to work extra hard for that aesthetically pleasing picture, when other bloggers seem to be nailing it with ease. Really though, every blogger is different. If you aren’t a photographer, focus on your words, and don’t stress too much about pictures. Or, learn how to get great photos with a low quality phone camera. For me, I try to have aesthetic pictures when it calls for it, and authentic pictures other times. What do I mean by this? Authentic pictures are just those random ones that might (or might not) have meaning, but not necessarily quality. (ex. airport selfie that you look terrible in, but is real.) This all really depends on who you are and what your flow is.


Definitely definitely make it fun!! Remember why you started blogging and how awesome it felt to start putting yourself out there! Yes, the inspiration will dry up. It will begin feeling like a drudgery. You will unintentionally skip a month of posting from time to time. (or is that just me? XD) But blogging is only what you make it! If it’s becoming too much to post twice a week, go to once a week. Or even twice a month. I know for me, the older I’ve gotten, the harder it is to maintain a good schedule. Yet, try to keep the happy alive! Go find a new blog to follow and see what you like about them, brainstorm a list of post ideas, ask a friend to do a guest post, change up your blog design, etc.


Ah, I know, this isn’t my strong suit when it comes to blogging. I’ve failed every schedule I’ve ever attempted. But…I’ve never stopped completely or gone a massive amount of time away! ha Honestly, even though I’m terrible this, it’s super important! My favorite bloggers are always the most consistent ones.


Choose your niche, find your target audience, and then make a difference. That’s what you started your blog for, right? (If you didn’t, then focus on whatever you did start it for.) Don’t just mindlessly post! Be intentional about it.


This is something that is incredibly impactful! If you are consistently involving yourself in the blogs around you, your blog will almost 100% begin growing. People want to follow social bloggers, not the ones that stay in their little corner of the blogisphere and never come out. Comment on people’s posts and let them know you like what they’ve put out!


If you’ve posted about it before, there’s a huge chance that no one wants to read it again. Of course, not including annual posts like Christmas gift ideas. But definitely switch it up every year!

  • BE YOU

Release yourself from the idea that you have to be” just like so-and-so” when it comes to blogging. This is your blog, and it should reflect you. So don’t freak out if your blog isn’t super similar to all of your favorites–There’s room for differences in this world!


Yes, I know. This seems to contradict the above. But I’m not saying to be everyone else! I am saying don’t be afraid to do that one post that everyone seems to have already done–no one’s heard your perspective yet, so don’t shy away! If you really love the idea, go for it!

I hope you all enjoyed this, and maybe even learned a thing or two! Here’s to 100 more posts!✨

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