being modest in autumn

Hello, everyone! I have had so much fun this Autumn with outfit brainstorming. I’ve made sure to record almost every outfit I’ve put together, so that I could share them with you all! The quality isn’t spectacular, but that’s because they were taken simply to help me remember what I’d worn.

I heard someone say that they’d never been able to get a cardigan to look good with a skirt…well, I’d say it’s pretty simple! Especially if you’re wearing a high-waisted skirt.

I am in love with cropped sweaters this year! They’re so helpful in bringing style to cozy winter outfits.

Another thing I’ve worn a LOT have been my Keds! They go with literally everything. I’ve yet to find an outfit they don’t match. Plus, they’re super comfortable and durable.

Dresses and tennis shoes!! This is my go-to look, because it’s so. easy. It’s also the perfect way to make an otherwise dressy outfit become casual.

A really great outfit is a high-waisted skirt and a knotted shirt, with white tennis shoes. It’s pretty effortless while still being sophisticated. And comfy!

Something else I’ve been doing is a knotted shirt over a dress. It’s extremely comfortable!

So yeah, that’s what I’ve been wearing! In addition to hoodies, of course. haha If you have any questions about where I got anything or how styled something, drop a comment below. Thanks for reading!🍁

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