2020 bullet journaling || april

Hello, everyone! I hope you all aren’t having a terrible day, and that you’ve found at least a few reasons to smile! This pandemic has put a huge damper on life right now. BUT. It will get better. This is not the end. Blue skies still exist. God is with us always.

Anyway. I finished my April bullet journaling and thought I’d share it with y’all! I’m actually super last minute with these, therefore the perfectionist in me freaks out when it comes time to do it. Ha!

I am still loving the color scheme I chose! I haven’t been doing a monthly theme or anything, so having a consistent color scheme ties it all together. I’d go crazy with random colors throughout.😳

For my one-line-a-day, I used a strip of washi tape from a package I got on clearance a while back. I didn’t realize it was scalloped until I went to apply it, but I love that it is! It’s perfect for the feminine look I ended up with.

For this last page, I honestly thought it’d be a flop at first. Nothing was turning out! So I tried a few different things until I was satisfied. I ended up really liking it!

Once again, I hope my spreads are inspiring to all you bullet journalers out there! I personally love seeing other’s styles and ways of doing their spreads. I’d love to know what you think! 💕


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