march in review || 2020

Wow. March was pretty terrible, wasn’t it?😂 I’m just praying it all ends quickly! And that April is better.😣 This is the shortest monthly recap I’ve ever done—it’s obvious that quarantine took over our life. Haha I took almost no pictures this month, either. So, I apologize for the super boring post!

  • Coronavirus
  • started our yearly garden
  • girl’s night at a friend’s house (which was super fun!)
  • had our first thunderstorm
  • Brayden and Kate’s adoption day
  • broke my tailbone
  • revival services in Tahlequah, OK
  • Sarah turned 20!
  • first official day of spring!
  • I read six books
  • downloaded the Emoji Blitz app
  • started official quarantine
  • put together two puzzles
  • did a lot of Spanish lessons on Duolingo (y’all, I’ve been so bored 😂)
  • got my driver’s permit for the second time (long story)
  • started doing “home church” via live streaming
  • lots of spring cleaning
  • made six dozen peanut butter chocolate chip cookies
  • not much else 😂

7 thoughts on “march in review || 2020

  1. Glad to hear you are doing well, if a bit bored 😬 What are you growing this year? Whoa, how did you break your tailbone? Do you have any books to recommend from the six you read? There’s some questions for you to break the boredom 😆


  2. We’re growing peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, brussel sprouts, some herbs, and various other things we’ll plant later. I’m excited! Haha I fell on our wooden stairs—it didn’t feel too good!😣😂 Yes! More Than We Remember by Christina Nelson, Collision of Lies by Tom Threadgill, The Butterfly and the Violen by Kristy Cambron, and Smoke Screen by Terri Blackstock were all good!

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  3. Ooh, how exciting! We got our seedlings planted about a week ago and they are starting to come up. We are also growing peppers, tomatoes, and cabbage, along with watermelon, corn, beets, lettuce, and a bunch of other stuff XD Oh no, I’d imagine it didn’t feel good! Are you recovering well? Thanks for the book recs too!


  4. Glad to hear you’re recovering well! Yep, I’d imagine sitting on hard surfaces doesn’t feel good. I once bruised my tailbone and sitting on hard surfaces didn’t feel great, so I’m sure broken feels even worse. Will do if I get to reading them one of these days! 😁

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